How You know an Anime Character is About to win A fight

14-Sen, 2019
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There’s specific signs an anime character is about to win a fight and I promise you’ve seen them before 😂😂😂 Like, Comment and share with your friends!
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  • I'm mad he fused like 4 different shows 🤣🤣 he got the bleach sword and background music. Naruto style flash backs and headband and hunterxhunter power scaling

    Shun MooreShun Moore2 soat oldin
  • What's that theme playing at the beginning

    MANYMANY3 soat oldin
  • Bruh bleach spams that sad theme so many times it's so annoying

    YazzzirYazzzir5 soat oldin
  • 💖✨✊⭐

    Kun oldin
  • The MC starts having flashbacks during the fight... The Villain: *"GUESS I'LL DIE"*

    Fujio LagutinFujio LagutinKun oldin
  • You know shit is about to get real when the background music is from bleach

    Aizat JAizat J2 kun oldin
  • Bleach Osts were next level ❤

    Amit AggarwalAmit Aggarwal3 kun oldin
  • Maybe that's why I like kengan asura..........anti plot.....even the author himself don't know who will lose

    Jagyajyoti SaikiaJagyajyoti Saikia4 kun oldin
  • The music 🎶

    Davey JDavey J5 kun oldin
  • THIS MUST BE......PLOT Most relatable sentence ever

    Lucas QianZhengxuLucas QianZhengxu7 kun oldin
  • This must be.... plot. Lol

    Robert WalkerRobert Walker9 kun oldin
  • it’s when he’s on the ground dying without his limbs, internal organs or even a heart at all accualy know he’s dead all he needs is the will to live and wanting to protect there friends

    Instinct ScazzicInstinct Scazzic9 kun oldin

    Bxmmy •Bxmmy •9 kun oldin
  • When that bleach music plays jus know it's over.

    Datboi DimDatboi Dim10 kun oldin
  • DONALD TRUMP DOES THE SAME THING! This is crazy good stuff

    Carl MarksCarl Marks11 kun oldin
  • Fairytail in a nutshell

    Amanze OgbonnaAmanze Ogbonna11 kun oldin
  • who else read the subtitles

    Waleed HyeWaleed Hye12 kun oldin
  • 0:41 look at his hand

    Mr. DerpMr. Derp12 kun oldin
    • 😂😂 I didn't even notice.

      Datboi DimDatboi Dim10 kun oldin
  • He shouldve spit blood when he said plot

    Raiderex is OKRaiderex is OK13 kun oldin
  • I almost want to watch this anime naruto mixed with bleach.

    TenoTeno14 kun oldin
  • This just made me not want to be a weeb anymore

    Lil Rotten616Lil Rotten61614 kun oldin
  • The bleach music is fucking amazing ....

    Peter D_lawPeter D_law14 kun oldin
  • When Zoro puts on his bandana

    secondsseconds14 kun oldin
  • Allow it

    savage artsavage art14 kun oldin
  • Villain- it’s over, now you’ll die like the rest Main character- *powers up out of no where cause of plot armor* Villain- 👁 👄 👁

    Chuck ShartsChuck Sharts15 kun oldin
  • You don't get that luxury in AOT lol

    IzzyLand YT 🧢👨🏾‍💻💡🌍IzzyLand YT 🧢👨🏾‍💻💡🌍15 kun oldin

    Andres YanezAndres Yanez16 kun oldin
  • Bruh. ...rise of civilisation drains ur money ...this game is the ultimate cash drainer i have ever played

    Yahiko KSMYahiko KSM17 kun oldin
  • Why is Desmond always the opp?🤣

    NIF3 86NIF3 8617 kun oldin
  • lets talk about attack on titan and akame ga kill

    efan manasyeefan manasye17 kun oldin
  • You forgot the *ultimate screaming*

    PearlPearl17 kun oldin
  • When they have flashbacks that how you know😂😂😂

    BruhItzLuisBruhItzLuis17 kun oldin
  • Anyone else think for a second that the ad of Leland playing the game on his phone was apart of the skit 💀

    TheRealest AsianTheRealest Asian18 kun oldin
  • Why I get chills

    JahGoCrazzyJahGoCrazzy19 kun oldin
  • All naruto arcs

    B.P. from TurkeyB.P. from Turkey19 kun oldin
  • What the name of this anime?

    Bang SupaBang Supa19 kun oldin
  • *Flashbacks* Enemy: Uhm *W H A T ?*

    Ksa xBigKsa xBig19 kun oldin
  • Makes sense if you read the manga smh

    DavidDavid20 kun oldin
  • this is bleach music

    Raihan IslamRaihan Islam20 kun oldin
  • For some reason I thought the guy standing was going say "you better not be thinking about flashback sh** and mysterious power up from nowhere" to the guy on his knees and that is exactly what happens.

    Surjit SSurjit S20 kun oldin
  • “This must be plot” 😅🤣 I love wen anime’s do that!

    Broke BugattiBroke Bugatti20 kun oldin
  • Damn the villain headband is like zabuza

    Yall ManYall Man21 kun oldin
  • Every Ichigo fight basically!! 😂🤣

    Darrius DavisDarrius Davis22 kun oldin
  • This reminded me Demon Slayer episode nineteen.

    deathsdoor07deathsdoor0722 kun oldin
    • Except he was remembering his dad not a friend.

      deathsdoor07deathsdoor0722 kun oldin
  • That bleach music hit different

    yeboi Q1yeboi Q122 kun oldin
  • This must be PLOT

    Islâm GaziIslâm Gazi23 kun oldin
  • *Main characters theme starts playing* Antagonist: *chuckles* , I'm in danger

    Tami KahondeTami Kahonde24 kun oldin
  • Sounds like goku

    JayFromDetroitJayFromDetroit24 kun oldin
  • Actually feel like I was watching anime

    ArnzArnz24 kun oldin
  • Lol they do the sponsors at the end that’s so dumb cause when the video is over we just leave

    BeatKidBeatKid24 kun oldin
  • The bleach music went with this perfectly

    Jacob SierraJacob Sierra25 kun oldin

    Ogami IttoOgami Itto25 kun oldin
  • “IT MUST BE...PLOT!!!

    Matt The GamerMatt The Gamer25 kun oldin
  • Not @ Bleach's sad music before winning a fight. Im in ma feels leave me alone everyone.

    Beshoo YamiBeshoo Yami25 kun oldin
  • was that a bleack song or am i tripping

    Mahammadou TunkaraMahammadou Tunkara26 kun oldin
  • Batman's main weapon.

    Jackie AndersonJackie Anderson27 kun oldin
  • Twin dragon blade Ten blade cut 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    I like AnimeI like Anime28 kun oldin
  • I was getting goosebumps

    I like AnimeI like Anime28 kun oldin
  • How you know when an anime character is about to win: They're the main character

    Giancarlo MGiancarlo M29 kun oldin
  • It’s English dubbed I can’t watch this

    The RRKKThe RRKK29 kun oldin
  • Everyone gangsta until the protagonist starts making a speech about the power of friendship.

    James AtkinsJames Atkins29 kun oldin
  • I love the fact that they include the skit before the ad

    Dr BuffedDr BuffedOy oldin
  • “This must be plot” 😂

    Dr BuffedDr BuffedOy oldin
  • "This must be...PLOT" lmaooo you sir are correct

    Ntwana Yase BoziNtwana Yase BoziOy oldin
  • How to know they're about to win -theyre dying -their theme music starts to play

    MasazinoMasazinoOy oldin
  • Its obvious if the music change u know tbe villain bouta get his ass kick

    Hi My Name Is Grandpa LemonHi My Name Is Grandpa LemonOy oldin
  • Yo the nigga desmond had his headband upside down

    dillon corbindillon corbinOy oldin
  • Damn Zoro..

    SkylimitsSkylimitsOy oldin
  • Even tho I’ve never use a sword before Breaks ancles

    Da_gooseDa_gooseOy oldin
  • Yoo this is lit

    Idk NotsureIdk NotsureOy oldin
  • That bleach theme song got me grooving

    Kutlwano NtjaKutlwano NtjaOy oldin
  • Kakuzu after beating Kakashi+Shikamaru+Ino+Chogi but Naruto came with the power of **plot** and took him alone.

    My NameMy NameOy oldin
  • Lmaoooooooo

    God of knowledgeGod of knowledgeOy oldin

    Weeb-kun oWeeb-kun oOy oldin
  • They just needed a mask for kakashi

    Zae The goatZae The goatOy oldin
  • 🤣🤣the song from bleach honestly when shits finna go down bleach and one piece have the best scores

    Master EveMaster EveOy oldin
  • Unless this fighter is Vegita

    lu dolu doOy oldin
  • Yo my friend had the nerve to say how you Get An A Me: obviously I use plot armor Plot armor= using friends to power.....the cheat mode 😂💀

    Dewanye WardDewanye WardOy oldin
  • Crazy cuz this is how Ichigo got almost sliced in half against aizen 😂

    Myung Suk LeeMyung Suk LeeOy oldin

    Bloom :3Bloom :3Oy oldin
  • Me hears sad music: I SEE THE SWIIIIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGG!!!!

    Journey SmithJourney SmithOy oldin
  • Can you please share this

    Jugg JayyJugg JayyOy oldin
  • Can you please share this

    Jugg JayyJugg JayyOy oldin
  • Can you please share this

    Jugg JayyJugg JayyOy oldin
  • Can you please share this

    Jugg JayyJugg JayyOy oldin
  • his headband is upside down

    JP420JP420Oy oldin
  • If only I had a theme song I could be a main character

    Side CharacterSide CharacterOy oldin
  • I miss those anime vid of this people. I wish they keep making parody

    Joshua RosarioJoshua RosarioOy oldin
  • 1:04

    JOJI 650JOJI 650Oy oldin
  • only dumb fucks watch dub, dub is for people too lazy too read. like bro if i ever catch you watching dub on one piece ima bloody 1000 years of death you

    They call me CheeseThey call me CheeseOy oldin
  • Thank you for putting the ad at the end. Feels better than waiting a whole minute at the start for the actual video to start no sarcasm appreciate it.

    Kaneki KenKaneki KenOy oldin
  • P L O T Every villian's buggest enemy

    Squidward with a gunSquidward with a gunOy oldin
  • The power of friendship

    Alex AslutAlex AslutOy oldin
  • *Character theme song starts playing* Villain:igh imma head out

    TypicalGibbsメTypicalGibbsメOy oldin
  • This must be plot

    Sion PetersSion PetersOy oldin
  • That ad. Aw what they already going back to the crib. Man I wanted to scrap.

    Chanakha GirlChanakha Girl2 oy oldin
  • Flashbacks always makes the Main Character 100 times stronger

    Juda LadiyeJuda Ladiye2 oy oldin
  • Fr

    iiKev PlayziiKev Playz2 oy oldin
  • He should have ran as soon as he said we dont even fight with sword in this anime

    Nicholas JoynerNicholas Joyner2 oy oldin
  • I’m not gonna lie, I’ve seen this so many times, I’m starting to feel bad for the bad guy.

    Te YoTe Yo2 oy oldin