How They Expect You to React When You get an Amber Alert

2-Okt, 2019
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How they expect you to react when you get an amber alert 😂😂😂😭😭 how loud those notifications be I know they want us to be vigilante as hell 😂😂😭😭! Like, Comment, and Subscribe for more content!

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  • lol

    noah vonoah vo8 soat oldin
  • Ttue

    justjosh45justjosh4512 soat oldin
  • Plot twist: they were kidnapping the baby the right way

    TexxzTexxz19 soat oldin
  • This is easily the best sketch of not the best video on UZworld

    burning simpburning simpKun oldin
  • lol

    eric gamingzzzeric gamingzzzKun oldin
  • Imagine false amber alert😂

    David RahamatullaDavid RahamatullaKun oldin
  • Sending me on w mission

    CrackCrack2 kun oldin
  • Classic

    NoNameNoName2 kun oldin
  • Love how it's a white baby.

    Kamar TaylorKamar Taylor2 kun oldin
  • Fun fact: Slenderman can be stopped by using an ember alert.

    Windows Security Non-Expert 2020Windows Security Non-Expert 20202 kun oldin
  • plot twist: the amber alert is just a game of hot potato between kidnappers

    huntah ツhuntah ツ2 kun oldin
  • Hey what's the name of the song they have playing at the end of their videos Man s*** sounds like a giant world remix of Mario a slow-mo version of it

    FNMiggyFNMiggy2 kun oldin
  • That’s the right thing to do👍

    Slushy DripzSlushy Dripz4 kun oldin
  • Person: I just finished the watching black clover what should I watch next Jojo fans:

    EDB445 5EDB445 54 kun oldin
  • Double homicide and they took a baby son it’s crazy just got one right now

    HornetHornet5 kun oldin
  • Just imagine if an amber alert in World War 4 and the soldiers had to save the world so we did this. Lol 😆

    Brenda 0618Brenda 06185 kun oldin
  • And the best part about this is some people really do act like this🤣🤣🤣.

    phxsll 3phxsll 35 kun oldin
  • .....nigga..... lmaooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Neto CuellarNeto Cuellar5 kun oldin
  • Um, guys? He saw the alert and ran out without his phone.. How exactly did it get back in his hand outside?

    ItsJaelynItsJaelyn6 kun oldin
  • Me when I hear an Amber alert.

    Professional BunnyProfessional Bunny6 kun oldin
  • If only Johnny Depp had gotten one of those.

  • Im screaming! 😭😭😭😭😭

    Turfer GirlTurfer Girl6 kun oldin
  • fr

    yeetboi randomyeetboi random6 kun oldin
  • And to follow on: Never mind fam, wrong license plate keep looking!

    Gojira2000Gojira20007 kun oldin
  • Came here after getting a Thanksgiving amber alert