How Companies be watching Hood people on they app

3-Dek, 2019
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I know app companies like Triller, Twitter, and some of the other companies be acting just like this in the offices ! Lol!
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  • Penguins On The Moon 🐧

    Nick GoldNick GoldKun oldin
  • he said dah babby

    Obito uchihaObito uchiha2 kun oldin
  • If you're pretending to be white, white people have no trouble saying the n-word when no black people are around.

    Bakura RyouBakura Ryou2 kun oldin
  • Did he fuckin say "Da Babby"? 😂

    TevyeWillTevyeWill3 kun oldin
  • Golly

    Char AznableChar Aznable3 kun oldin
  • Dababby -★★The More You Know★★

    phxsll 3phxsll 34 kun oldin
  • Us black people are good at making fools of our selves and blaming the white man for it.

    P NisP Nis5 kun oldin

    Rexx SevenRexx Seven5 kun oldin
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  • What he say at the end

    Nathan SavageNathan Savage7 kun oldin
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  • Whites and blacks fighting while us Hispanics tryna figure out what team we on 💀

    ImahinionImahinion8 kun oldin
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    T DashT Dash11 kun oldin
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  • Im pretty sure yall black

    Sasuke UchihaSasuke Uchiha13 kun oldin
  • my guy really said dabahby

    nnoothannnoothan13 kun oldin
  • I love this channel

    James DagnanJames Dagnan14 kun oldin
  • Funny but true

    Sac Kings 916Sac Kings 91615 kun oldin
  • Is this what happened to Vine?

    morgan e.morgan e.15 kun oldin
  • People actually believe they think like that. 😂😂

  • “Golly...!”🤣

    Evan AbbottEvan Abbott16 kun oldin
  • Fuck these skits are funny.

    Patrick HaysPatrick Hays16 kun oldin
  • 0:55 we all understood what he was thinking and he didn’t even have to say it lmaoo😂

    Jxwx 21Jxwx 2116 kun oldin
  • “Da Babby”

    ExoticzExoticz16 kun oldin
  • Oh right... Black people can say the N word.. White people cant.. Shoot I forgot. This type of skit is exactly why this country is what it is today. I was subscribed, but i didnt realize yall hated white people. Peace.

    Owen LarsonOwen Larson18 kun oldin
  • "Golly"

    Daniel MoyanoDaniel Moyano19 kun oldin

    Loso BabyLoso Baby19 kun oldin
  • Golly

    Greg FGreg F21 kun oldin
  • He said the n word with his head movement 😂

    BeastlyNoobYTBeastlyNoobYT22 kun oldin
  • I think this is actually real

    ocsjc24ocsjc2423 kun oldin

    Worth Your TimeWorth Your Time24 kun oldin
  • "gah-lee" lmao

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  • Put a restriction no cursing they can’t get past that

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  • I like that there all wearing polo shirts

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    Your daily dose of anime EditsYour daily dose of anime EditsOy oldin
  • the only channel thats not racist by being racist

    FantaBoi999FantaBoi999Oy oldin
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    Baby T RexBaby T RexOy oldin
  • This was really 10 months ago..... LOLLL

    FlipnightwingFlipnightwingOy oldin
  • the white people are terrified 😂

    YouTube_ Knot NormalYouTube_ Knot NormalOy oldin
  • "You said what??" "I didn't say nothing" 🤣🤣

    SSR RicoSSR RicoOy oldin
  • “They can’t get past that” 😂

    Fun E. BoneFun E. BoneOy oldin
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    Chicken NoodlesChicken NoodlesOy oldin
  • he managed to say the n word in a white way and hes black

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  • Only vid i dont like im sorry

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  • Haha, "Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran"

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  • Oh shit I already liked this video,

    Lee LaguerreLee LaguerreOy oldin
  • I have sat in these meetings. And this shit is accurate as fuck. But they are more subtle about it. Using terms like "urban community", "Ethnicity communication", and "those of lower class decent" I shit you not.

    holyarmageddon19holyarmageddon19Oy oldin
  • The Ratchet Realm is to Strong

    EsaulEsaulOy oldin
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    FuturebloodMagic The great wolf spider ParadoxFuturebloodMagic The great wolf spider ParadoxOy oldin
  • I was so invested in the characters I really got mad when I thought he said it, then remember they black 😂

    adell ellisonadell ellisonOy oldin
  • The silent n word classic

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  • Desmond: u didnt say it had me weak

    Magic HappensMagic HappensOy oldin
  • 0:27 aye, thank you for sharing because this is one of the realist moments I heard today. I had a epiphany because we are tricky. Damn 🤣

    Denzell ColemanDenzell ColemanOy oldin
  • Lol, I thought they were going to use the Dave Chappelle "white person" voice.

    Parker's NBA HistoryParker's NBA HistoryOy oldin
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  • Man I don't care what race, religion, gender, background or otherwise you come from, if you don't like RDC content your chakras aren't aligned, you got a heap of shit in your spiritual creak or something.

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  • This must have been a leaked TicToc meeting 🤣🤣🤣

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  • "White people are terrified" had my ass rolling 🤣

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  • Only IG/UZworld that makes me literally lol

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