How coaches wanna act when their star player is failing

4-Mar, 2020
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3rd installment of the coaches series! Lol the coach deals with the star player not being able to play because of grades. Do you think this is how coaches wanna act? Like,comment, and Tag 3 friends
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    • U

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    • RDC Desi Banks Bigg Jahh Kountry Wayne need too collab on something shit would be fuckin epic

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    • Bro y'all are funny as hell. Keep doing what your doing and stay safe during these troubling time!!

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    • @Oilers Fan faceless =pointless 👎

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    • U prolly the funniest on this shit bro yo vids are comedic gold!!

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  • If you like Dragon Ball Z watch this 👉🏾

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  • I bullshit you not, I’m studying to become a teacher and this scenario is one of the essay questions 😂

    Alex WalkerAlex WalkerKun oldin
  • Sergio Nieto OUR SOCIETY IS BACKWARDS. LORD HAVE MERCY ON OUR SOULS! But not the white men and their black athletes on their laps. May they burn in hell! Athletes and coaches get paid more then any other wmployee in all 50 states. What are we gladiators that like sports and have the biggest military. All physical nothing mental and well thought out. It’s sad. May God strike the United States and all nations that rather pay a coach and athletes instead of the head scientist or local scientist. Who would you trust to save your life a damn coach or a scientist? Who gets paid more!? The damn coach. Wake up idiots. Lord please stroke from the heavens. I understand yet I don’t want to understand. Please strike. Fuck a coach. They just want to fuck your bitch and ride. Coaches are destructive mindsets. God told me and his angels.

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  • Bruh giving off some Bernie Mac vibes in this scene 😂

    Kevin GoodridgeKevin Goodridge2 kun oldin
  • Me when a vending machine is rejecting my dollar: 1:16

    Neun_blueNeun_blue2 kun oldin
  • You better hope I don't pass you outside 🤣 it's line after line yo 🤣🤣🤣

    Ed The BeastEd The Beast4 kun oldin
  • Mark and Kountry Wayne have similar facial expressions

    CashMoneyMorrowCashMoneyMorrow5 kun oldin
  • So he need a 70 pass I already knew he was mad😹😹😹😹

    House of MatrixHouse of Matrix5 kun oldin
  • RDC vs IMavQ

    Tre WallaceTre Wallace7 kun oldin
  • RDC Vs Amp hooping

    Tre WallaceTre Wallace7 kun oldin
  • That man has a talent for acting

    MRbubblegunnerMRbubblegunner8 kun oldin
  • “I’m not going to say it agai PASS IT THROUGH

    Julian KeenJulian Keen8 kun oldin
  • He definitely reminds me of Bernie Mac! Great acting 🤣

    Javi DJavi D11 kun oldin
  • Better hope i dont pass u outside cuz imma do sum to ya 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Branson WalkerBranson Walker12 kun oldin
  • “You broke too , you want Daryl to be broke?, Lebron went from high school to the NBA , that’s what Daryl can do, it’s just 3 points just pass him through, PASS HIM THROUGH, PASS HIM THROUGH!!!”

    El Rony :DEl Rony :D12 kun oldin
  • This reminds me of that scene in Boys in the Hood when Ricky turned in his Tryout Tape but his Recruiter only really wants to talk about how Ricky barely applies himself in school. His dream of being in the College Leagues and later the NFL is only really an aspiration of his mother. In actuality, Ricky is exceedingly average at Football but he is also really shit at everything else. This is what leads to Ricky wanting to run away from his problems right around the time he buys that Lotto Ticket because he feels like he's not gonna make it out of the hood because of his lacking overall in confidence

    KnightofFunnyJunkKnightofFunnyJunk12 kun oldin
  • “you tryna stop his dreeeeeeaaaams”🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Ronny BoyRonny Boy14 kun oldin
  • 1$ lmao

    Mauricio MayorgaMauricio Mayorga15 kun oldin
  • I felt this i failed one class by 1 percent 💀

    No UNo U15 kun oldin

    Ok. JayOk. Jay16 kun oldin
  • Lol I’m sleep Funniest dudes ever

    Cookie MonsterCookie Monster17 kun oldin
  • YOO!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. I can’t stop watching and laughing at this one!!!!!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂. Y’all be acting a fool!!!!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂

    Michael JonesMichael Jones17 kun oldin
  • This nigga an actor for real

    Scru Face JeanScru Face Jean17 kun oldin
  • he talks so fast i cant even understand what he means but i get the plot and i can relate XD

    YOsSYOsS17 kun oldin
  • Funny Stuff

    QuantumRealityQuantumReality17 kun oldin
  • Pass him through *PASS HIM THROUGH*

    Kevin ChiaKevin Chia17 kun oldin

    Jude The ManJude The Man18 kun oldin

    Tre' ReactzTre' Reactz18 kun oldin
  • As the star player of the team, I’ve been making the grades all along, even though some of my teachers didn’t believe in me ... 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Jason HornsbyJason Hornsby18 kun oldin
  • Im white and I hate myself...i win right

    J ChaseJ Chase19 kun oldin
  • Pass him thu PASS HIM THU

    PremiumSoup22PremiumSoup2219 kun oldin

    Jukata AdgerJukata Adger20 kun oldin
  • He needs to get into acting.

    John SnowJohn Snow20 kun oldin
  • i almost clicked off the video bc i was getting mad at the teacher lol

    Quinn NewtonQuinn Newton21 kun oldin
  • 😂😂”aye Timothy, cmon and stop these 40 points for me tomorrow “

    Syayre KylesSyayre Kyles21 kun oldin
  • Bro the acting 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

    Skeeter's GarageSkeeter's Garage21 kun oldin
  • why does this give out vibes of some african movies when they yelling 😂

    Ronald GrippmanRonald Grippman21 kun oldin
  • Pass em through! I ain’t gon tell you again, pass em through!😂

    Business knightBusiness knight22 kun oldin
  • Yo my nigga RDCworld1 reminds me of a young Bernie Mac 😂...Respect to you Brotha, you funny asf

    Stiven AldanaStiven Aldana22 kun oldin
  • Nah Coach, if he wanna hoop good he needs geometry u know what am sayin?

    iRapplexDiRapplexD22 kun oldin
  • Lol So aggressive

    David LollipopDavid Lollipop23 kun oldin
  • Sound like Denzel 😂😂

    P Da GreatP Da Great23 kun oldin
  • All kids aren’t equal

    Ebenezer SureshEbenezer Suresh23 kun oldin
  • Teacher trippin he def getting slide outside

    Critical GamingCritical Gaming23 kun oldin
  • Nigga pulled out a dollar 💀💀💀

    mAmA24 kun oldin
  • Mann I love this nigga Mark mann 😂😂

    awesomeness122awesomeness12224 kun oldin
  • Should’ve gave 3 dollars one for each point

    J.Y. DemirJ.Y. Demir25 kun oldin
  • Pass him through lol

    Trevor HoskinsTrevor Hoskins25 kun oldin
  • i was watching this in class and when he said PASS HIM THRU i laughed so loud XD

    YrnjcYrnjc26 kun oldin
  • Lol just funny shit yall

    josh nieboerjosh nieboer27 kun oldin
  • Lol

    Jorge PavonJorge Pavon27 kun oldin
  • "just TAKE THE DOLLAR!"

    Dailen OlivarezDailen Olivarez27 kun oldin
  • My coach made sure we had straight 80s

    King_Eman223King_Eman22327 kun oldin
  • It seems this is a high school thing in the video, and getting a 2.0 or 2.3 in high school is laughably easy, which makes this so much better xD

    Mke MechanicMke Mechanic27 kun oldin
  • yes

    Sam007GaymerSam007Gaymer27 kun oldin
  • Everyone is equal at this school. Yeah right wink wink... LOL

    Keith BKeith B27 kun oldin
  • I love the way he raises his voice then tries to calm down rq 😆😆😆

    LoociddLoocidd27 kun oldin
  • I bet the teacher caught some hands when he was heading home

    Kelland AllenKelland Allen28 kun oldin
  • Idkwtf he even saying

    CHUNKIICHUNKII28 kun oldin
  • Later that day Timmy shot up the school

    Official NutsOfficial Nuts28 kun oldin
  • 0:41 dayum

    YT_DEMOLAYYT_DEMOLAY28 kun oldin
  • This shit is true af.

    Moby HugeMoby Huge29 kun oldin
  • When those alumni and boosters hit him (the teacher) with those big bucks I'll bet he changes his tune lol

    playboymaximplayboymaxim29 kun oldin
  • He should've starred through the window at the end.

    red warriorred warrior29 kun oldin
  • I could see this dude in Hollywood comedies!

    Bobcloney ProductionsBobcloney Productions29 kun oldin
  • just pass him thru, its 3 points.. just 3 points just pass him thru! PASS HIM THRU, I ain't gone say it again, PASS HIM THRU!!!!!!

    James WoodsJames Woods29 kun oldin
  • Why isn't he making comedy movies, the guys actually a good actor, at first I thought yeah its funny these little clips but they guy can actually act 😅

    Connor AxonConnor Axon29 kun oldin
  • when he offers a dollar so good

    Michael GebhartMichael Gebhart29 kun oldin
  • Bernie Mac 😂

    rikcbcrikcbcOy oldin
  • Lmfao

    J CJ COy oldin
  • “Im saying he’s not trying to be a doctor he’s trying to be a hooper” 😂

    bob johnsonbob johnsonOy oldin
  • On my mom this is so true

    Gon FreecssGon FreecssOy oldin
  • He tried to bribe him with a DOLLAR😂

    xBuG Bossing_XPxBuG Bossing_XPOy oldin
  • Poor Darryl😂😂

    Devin HarrisDevin HarrisOy oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣you guys area crazy!!

    Maqolo MabulaMaqolo MabulaOy oldin
  • 1:13 Ah yes, the negotiator

    Ju1ceJu1ceOy oldin
  • "You better hope i dont pass you outsside" LMAOOOOOOO

    Official XenopOfficial XenopOy oldin
  • Honest fire

    Her_biggest_fanHer_biggest_fanOy oldin
  • "Better hope I don't pass you outside" 🤣

    ΛCΞ ÐЯΛMΛ ḅëäẗṡΛCΞ ÐЯΛMΛ ḅëäẗṡOy oldin
  • dude just pass him

    The Ball BoisThe Ball BoisOy oldin
  • pass him through pass him through PASS HIM THROUGH

    Trash_EditsTrash_EditsOy oldin
  • "Come on just pass him through. PASS HIM THROUGH I AIN'T GONE SAY IT AGAIN. PASS HIM THROUGH!" Shit had me dead.

    ChroxmeJayFNChroxmeJayFNOy oldin
  • “Pass him thru! PASS HIM THRU!!!” 😂😂😂

    Kenneth HoughKenneth HoughOy oldin
  • Yaasssssss life given

    Elise GolidayElise GolidayOy oldin
  • "You better hope I don't pass you outside." I love this video. 😭😂

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔʕ•ᴥ•ʔOy oldin
  • he should've subtly threw down some tables 😂🤣 "you broke too" lmaoo

    Dark VoidDark VoidOy oldin
  • Literally how I passed math

    william martinwilliam martinOy oldin
  • It’s that one teacher all the time😂🤭

    Marcus SmithMarcus SmithOy oldin
  • Are we gonna y’all about Darryls stats 40pts 10blks 😂😂

    Orzono RobinsonOrzono RobinsonOy oldin
  • I coudnt even hear what he said so I just awkwardly laughed lol

    KJplayz 21KJplayz 21Oy oldin
  • Seriously, teachers should just fucking give the extra point or curve.

    BlastnCruiseBlastnCruiseOy oldin
  • He gave him that funky ass $1

    Dark SisterDark SisterOy oldin
  • I can’t stop laughing this shit was too funny

    Keenen EdmondKeenen EdmondOy oldin
  • Athletes shouldn’t be held accountable to education. They should be able to play no matter what their grades look like . Let their future actions define their consequences.

    German WojtekGerman WojtekOy oldin

    Delta .1Delta .1Oy oldin
  • Pass him THROUGH !!!!!!!! I ain’t going to say it again pass him THROUGH!!!! 😂😂😂

    Gus LuceroGus LuceroOy oldin
  • We give Mark a lot of praise, and rightly so, but Ben is underrated. His acting is natural and top notch...

    Boney4000Boney4000Oy oldin
  • When I was in high school all the teachers in the school would have given their organs for the athletes. They would pass students who were legitimately illiterate. The funny part is all of our teams except for wrestling were terrible lol

    Thomas MalloyThomas MalloyOy oldin
  • It's true teachers suck

    Sauce WorldSauce WorldOy oldin