How Chick-Fil-A Would be if They had Delivery

18-May, 2020
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If Chick-Fil-A had a delivery service you know they would be on top of they game lmfao doing everything like a 5 star restaurant
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    RDCworld1RDCworld16 oy oldin
    • You ain't never been shit

      J ChaseJ Chase19 kun oldin
    • Fake ass fuckboys...yall be play in too dsmn much

      J ChaseJ Chase19 kun oldin
    • It’s so right

      marxman Gamingmarxman Gaming27 kun oldin
    • All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. But Jesus Christ Son of God died for sinners that all that believe on Christ shall be saved!

      Jesus Christ Son of God SavesJesus Christ Son of God SavesOy oldin
    • Your not wrong

      PandawarriorPandawarrior2 oy oldin
  • this is the best comercial ever i actualy wanna go there now, never heard of it before

    Tim TholeTim TholeKun oldin
    • not a commercial its a skit

  • I wish I had chick fil a or mcdonalds or most other restaurants cause I wanna try them all

    Ahmed HussainAhmed HussainKun oldin
  • Do any of your friends not work at target lol?

    ERdoc0ERdoc0Kun oldin
  • Cains is better

    John LevinJohn LevinKun oldin
  • Me watching this while they have delivery now 😳

    step bro ricostep bro ricoKun oldin
  • Dey shtuuuuuuupidd😂😂😂😂😂😂

    xrated shkinnyxrated shkinny2 kun oldin

    T DashT Dash2 kun oldin
  • What a dumb fucking video

    Delete TheEliteDelete TheElite2 kun oldin
  • Penguins On The Moon 🐧

    Nick GoldNick Gold2 kun oldin
  • Chick-Fil-A listened.

    Z OZ O2 kun oldin
  • They forgot something😳😳”my pleasure”

    Qt VIPERQt VIPER3 kun oldin
  • Lol 😂😂😂

    Alexis GreenAlexis Green3 kun oldin
  • That’s what I’m sayin tho

    AstelloAstello3 kun oldin
  • I work at chick fil a and I just wanna say that it’s my pleasure that at my location in San Marcos Texas were starting new chick fil a delivery service coming Thursday. Loved this video as well 😂

    JasperGreenJasperGreen5 kun oldin
  • Lmao, i wish they really do that

    GamingWith StellaGamingWith Stella5 kun oldin

    Jayceon FortJayceon Fort5 kun oldin
  • Iconic.. they do now

    Bryam GarciaBryam Garcia6 kun oldin
  • More like ADHDworld

    Matthew AdelekeMatthew Adeleke6 kun oldin
  • after seeing all the food i wanna eat sum to xD

    Yugohs HYugohs H6 kun oldin
  • Yes the after video content is dope

    locked83locked836 kun oldin
  • That's Christmas

    fire Leefire Lee7 kun oldin
  • I wish that it actually went like that

    King David MillerKing David Miller7 kun oldin
  • bro they way mark acting in this video reminds me off when u bring a friend over the house and your mom be mean af to you and treat your friend like royalty

    1 SlipUp1 SlipUp8 kun oldin
  • Ummmmm. They waisted time preping for them to be late. Also, chick fil a made -2000 just then

    patchandboopatchandboo8 kun oldin
  • Dillon harper

    Ørjs Is my epicØrjs Is my epic8 kun oldin
  • He acting just like my mother. She be acting all nice in front of people but be cursing me out for no damn reason. 😂

    Healy RoseHealy Rose8 kun oldin
  • And they did all this in 5 second :salute:

    Aidil PogAidil Pog8 kun oldin
  • We also got a pint of blood for you just in case you have any accidents How’d you know my blood type??? Chick-Fil-A always knows

    ÆgonÆgon8 kun oldin
  • Why is this so true

    Matteo DuraMatteo Dura9 kun oldin
  • Not even chickfila some next up all you can eat

    Zvibe_YTZvibe_YT9 kun oldin
  • Chick fil a does a delivery

    Messi TapíaMessi Tapía9 kun oldin
  • This is exactly how their catering delivery is

    weaponofmathdestructionweaponofmathdestruction9 kun oldin
  • You think that you could take a behind the scenes film like that thinking I wouldn’t know? 😐🙄✋

    Kathy LeKathy Le9 kun oldin
  • ✨My✨Pleasure✨

    Grace SGrace S10 kun oldin
  • They got delivery now LMFAO

    gusgus10 kun oldin
  • That'll be sweet

    Curtis & Elena TVCurtis & Elena TV10 kun oldin
  • I worked at Chick-fil-A and the sad part is we got yelled at if we didn't get food out in time or if we made a small mistake and it made me hate working with food never again

    Hayleigh HughesHayleigh Hughes10 kun oldin
  • coming back to this video six months later cause they do deliver now, and they forgot my macaroni

    MexicanSwirlMexicanSwirl11 kun oldin
  • " O and one more thing you own Chick-Fil-A now"

    Arayan ANANDArayan ANAND11 kun oldin

    W-type-NemesisW-type-Nemesis11 kun oldin
  • This is so relatable

    FawCry2FawCry211 kun oldin
  • I saw the thumbnail and read the title. I was sure this was going to be a chick-fil-a Jehovah's Witnesses skit. 🤣

    Stor BokkiStor Bokki11 kun oldin
  • That would be very true

    Vegeta ultra instinctVegeta ultra instinct11 kun oldin
  • I watched this video to many times😂😂

    PapiPapi12 kun oldin
  • This mans the new Bernie Mac

    What do you really know?What do you really know?12 kun oldin
  • Imagine he was an hour late....

    HallowHallow12 kun oldin
  • No they wouldn’t say damn Because the lord don’t like that 😐☝🏻

    Lumos MaximaLumos Maxima12 kun oldin

    Lumos MaximaLumos Maxima12 kun oldin
  • Funny thing is cfa is rolling out a delivery service very soon. I would know i work there.

    Paul GriffinPaul Griffin12 kun oldin
  • Now they do and its exactly like this lol

    MemunestMemunest12 kun oldin
  • If y'all ever embarrass me like that again. 😂😂😂 that had me dead

    CJ FearCJ Fear12 kun oldin
  • Man he got the chance to ask them ps5

    X Æ A-12X Æ A-1212 kun oldin
  • Accurate

    OhioanOhioan13 kun oldin
  • I haven’t had chick fil a in so long, I don’t live near one lol

    Kayoko HatsumiKayoko Hatsumi13 kun oldin
  • Chicfila does have delivery...

  • Love it.

    Mia StarksMia Starks14 kun oldin
  • Is there anything else you might need? Any condiments, a hug or a handshake? LOL😂😂

    Boxy BoxboxboxBoxy Boxboxbox14 kun oldin
  • :53 is the funniest thing ever

    Mlyk BloomfielMlyk Bloomfiel14 kun oldin
  • Bro I swear this thing had me cracking up the whole time

    Mlyk BloomfielMlyk Bloomfiel14 kun oldin
  • people that work at chickfila are ALWAYS so nic

    Grace DuhigGrace Duhig14 kun oldin
  • I wish we had chick fil a in canada

    wiseguy 404wiseguy 40414 kun oldin
    • there are 2 locations in canada if i remember

      name ̈name ̈12 kun oldin
  • one time my small milk shake fell and it was hafe gone and they came back with a large me ok this is my new home

    DiamondlyDiamondly14 kun oldin
  • Yeah and we noticed your wife using pregnant so Gary over there made her pregnant and we noticed you were showering and you didint use your soap so I gave you it

    SirNico TheGreatSirNico TheGreat15 kun oldin
  • how would you give him a refill?

    Jason HollidayJason Holliday15 kun oldin
    • easy they hand mix the syrup formula and water

      name ̈name ̈12 kun oldin
  • Ok ur here iBeMaine viewers

    Creeper_101Creeper_10115 kun oldin
  • Bro this how they be exactly like they be !!!! 😁🖐🏽👌🏾

    Aking RobinsonAking Robinson15 kun oldin
  • Imagine if they were like 5 hours late. What gift would they give him?

    CrazySaiyanCrazySaiyan15 kun oldin
  • They do deliver

    RedSUSRedSUS15 kun oldin
  • I wish I had that same delivery 😕

    Tommy_toko GamingTommy_toko Gaming16 kun oldin
  • Them folk need some damn furniture.

    Janet HolmesJanet Holmes16 kun oldin
  • Finally I found another channel like LongBeachGriffy

    Stefan_swStefan_sw16 kun oldin
  • They got like 2 chic Filas in mn no wonder covid is so bad here

    Dick RichardsDick Richards16 kun oldin
  • 1:22

    aydrenaydren17 kun oldin
  • I’m in laugher pain right now

    D15c0nn3ctD15c0nn3ct17 kun oldin
  • My gosh this is so funny! We know it would be that way.

    dreamweaver1603dreamweaver160317 kun oldin

    resident4564resident456417 kun oldin
  • I said that I should give you an extra sauce

    Tanya McclendonTanya Mcclendon17 kun oldin
  • Hjjjk

    Abe WanAbe Wan18 kun oldin
  • u got a real comic mind

    Big O'NealBig O'Neal18 kun oldin
  • And 4 extra meals, too.😂

    Evan AbbottEvan Abbott18 kun oldin
  • And this explains why other fast food places have like 5 cars in the drive-thru, while Chick-fil-A has 50, and those 50 get their food faster than the 5 at the other places. No kidding, I will see 6 cars in the drive-thru at other restaurants, and be like, "NOPE," but see 25 in Chick-fil-A and be like, "OK sure!"

    RustyLHRustyLH18 kun oldin
  • Accurate

    Ranger KrabツRanger Krabツ18 kun oldin
  • Dang I wish I had apple watch.

    m&mm&m18 kun oldin
  • Dam y is that so realistic 😂

    sænicsænic18 kun oldin
  • They do

    GoOD MeMeSGoOD MeMeS18 kun oldin
  • .

    u cant see me??u cant see me??18 kun oldin
  • Legends say to this day the chick fila workers are still out side of his house

    Tony ToribioTony Toribio18 kun oldin
  • they deliver in atl lol

    FallforAutumnFallforAutumn19 kun oldin
  • Y'all be on fake fr

    J ChaseJ Chase19 kun oldin
  • This is true, chick-fil-a came late to deliver my food so they gave me complimentary food 😂😂

    Ashley AllenAshley Allen19 kun oldin
  • Well damn! If this is what you get for five seconds late what you get for an hour? A new house? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Terrance GibbsTerrance Gibbs19 kun oldin
  • Rewatched liked tried to share

    Cameron LazoCameron Lazo20 kun oldin
  • EO

    Cameron LazoCameron Lazo20 kun oldin
  • Best vid

    Cameron LazoCameron Lazo20 kun oldin
  • Your grandma when your hungry

    David LabellaDavid Labella20 kun oldin
  • Lol when I watched this I got an Chick fa le Ad lol

    Killua ZoldyckKillua Zoldyck20 kun oldin
  • Chick-Fil-A: That is why we are your slav- I mean, delivery people.

    SatanSatan20 kun oldin
  • Ex chick fil A employee here , we hate 75% of you

    Randall GlassRandall Glass21 kun oldin
  • As an employee there, I can confirm, most of this is true, the only part that isn’t true it that there’d be another blue shirt watching the redshirts makin sure they aint fuckin around

    Peter LathamPeter Latham21 kun oldin