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In today's episode of Back & Forth we discuss which top Naruto characters would win in a What If fight! Who would win outta Itachi & Madara? Kakashi & Guy? And a bunch more! If you disagree let us know in the comments but be sure to come with FACTS!
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    Zaire NelsonZaire Nelson2 soat oldin
  • I respect mark so much but nah bro we may not be watching the same show minato beats itachi because itachi had a sickness for half of his life so there is no prime level itachi where you could really see him at the peak of his ability and like John said minato has higher scores than itachi meaning to the villages standers he’s the more capable coming out of the academy minato fought against 9 tails with obito controlling it and has a large number of of justu in his arsenal the only reason minato doesn’t have as many feats as itachi is because itachi was one of the main focuses coming out of the gate and we only really got into minato at the end of the second show and even then minato has proven to be able to fight on war arc obitos level and war arc obito washes itachi

    Zaire NelsonZaire Nelson2 soat oldin
  • 6 paths of pain vs non ten tails jinchurike obito

    Max SheehanMax Sheehan3 soat oldin
  • Obito vs the Boulder or jariah vs the sticks. These would be some sick fights

    Max SheehanMax Sheehan3 soat oldin
  • dylan got me yawning bruv.

    The.lightskin.hokageThe.lightskin.hokage6 soat oldin
  • Kakashi without sharingan so disrespected

    Braxton MyersBraxton Myers14 soat oldin
  • Damn and i thought you guys actually watched anime, How could you do minato like that.

    2amcoffeebreak West2amcoffeebreak West15 soat oldin
  • 9:29 he has sage mode tho

    g Swazg SwazKun oldin
  • You guys should argue with Seth the programmer

    Savethe DayraySavethe DayrayKun oldin
  • Madara beat the whole ninja Alliance solo 🤔. And itachi visual powers are not the same by far madara can use full sassuno as well a fuse it with tale beast. Itachi ain’t never thought of half the shit madara can do. Y’all That bias as hell when it come to itachi

    Timothy AnthonyTimothy AnthonyKun oldin
  • Madara beat the whole ninja Alliance solo 🤔. And itachi visual powers are not the same by far madara can use full sassuno as well a fuse it with tale beast. Itachi ain’t never thought of half the shit madara can do. Y’all That bias as hell when it come to itachi

    Timothy AnthonyTimothy AnthonyKun oldin
  • Y’all bugging saying itachi can beat madara SMOKING GAS!!!

    Timothy AnthonyTimothy AnthonyKun oldin

    Emanuel TeferaEmanuel TeferaKun oldin
  • Madara would murder itachi with no difficulty

    King ChaiKing Chai2 kun oldin
  • Madar Vs. Itachi is not even close. Madara is running laps around Itachi.

    BaraZuluBaraZulu2 kun oldin
  • Itachi vs madara. Y’all forgetting this nigga is a reincarnation of indara 😭 it’s a reason why he so cold

  • naruto speed blitz deidara before the guy could take a breathe bruh

    Tristin Lemon NurseTristin Lemon Nurse2 kun oldin
  • Tobirama and many more said sharingan gets stronger the more u lose what u love so even if sasuke trained his sharingan it would still be a 1 tome thing so yh neji would win in my opinion

    Kp_wavesKp_waves2 kun oldin
  • Pretty sure tobi(obito) got deidaras arm ( they share time space most likely)

    Kp_wavesKp_waves2 kun oldin
  • Itachi could end Madara by putting him under kotoamatsukami cuz if u think about it, Nigga still has his crow woth shizui's eye if we're talking abt healthy Itachi from back then and he can cast it on Madara right when the match starts and have Madara kill himself if its for the better of his eye of the moon plan then bam thats gg

    Silent WhisperSilent Whisper3 kun oldin
  • one thing is at that time atachi was ill so minato might take that win

    Atomic Leaf7707Atomic Leaf77073 kun oldin
  • Itahi can easily seal madra and catch him of guard

    Achillies KAchillies K4 kun oldin
  • This John dude just like to argue. I hate people that wanna bring up a perspective argue you down on it only to say but I don’t think it’ll actually happen. His whole deidara argument is nuts Like wtf was new arguing for then

    Brian BrooksBrian Brooks4 kun oldin
  • Itachi more powerful than Obito? Wowww.

    Aaron GalzoteAaron Galzote4 kun oldin
  • Hashirama lose to deidara nah no way we are talking about hashirama who could go head to head with eternal sharingan madara

    Proxima MidnightProxima Midnight5 kun oldin
  • I just like how minato technically beat the nine tails

    Noah FuuNoah Fuu5 kun oldin
  • Mark put some respect on Minato name he is the only ninja to have a run on site order he beat 1000ninjas by himself he has the howling gate jutsu i forget the actual name of it and he also can use the reaper death seal nd other sealing jutsu

    Andre JohnsonAndre Johnson5 kun oldin
  • After rewatching this John was spitting most of the vid😳

    Jonathon StoreyJonathon Storey5 kun oldin
  • I think Minato would beat Itachi because Minato is a perfect Sage and he can just teleport out the way of Amaterasu and itachi can’t keep up his susanoo forever and itachi won’t be able to hit Minato with totsuka blade. Also, Itachi won’t be able to put Minato under genjutsu because he can close to eyes and use his sensory abilities of his perfect Sage. Also, I think minato would easily figure out Itachi’s weakness because Minato figured out how to counter Obito’s kamui in one fight.

    {6wrld}Samurai 135{6wrld}Samurai 1355 kun oldin
  • All of y’all tweaking, Itachi can point at you and put you in Tsukuyomi, 1 second in and Minato get psychologically damaged beyond repair. Also Kakashi could Kamui Tsunade.

    Henry TeccsiHenry Teccsi5 kun oldin
  • Yo do y’all watch naruto bro minato would clap tf out of itachi y’all acting crazy rn

    Ramon CopeRamon Cope6 kun oldin
  • bro minato is a menace to society: he has a run of sight warning

    OfficialT _OfficialT _6 kun oldin
  • Who would win between part one Kabuto and part one Kakashi?

    Jonathan SterlingJonathan Sterling7 kun oldin
  • I love rdc world but to be completely honest they suck at debating minato beats itachy, and itachy is not way above obito

    John EucedaJohn Euceda7 kun oldin
  • Their is NO way Kakashi is beating Tsunade unless he uses Kamui to make himself intangible. Lets not forget that Tsunade was fast and strong enough to break madaras susanoo ribcage. Meanwhile Kakashi is being bodied by one of the weaker paths of pain. I know that Nagato moved him into the blade, but still...

    ToSamus Aran 2.0ToSamus Aran 2.07 kun oldin
  • But did any of the akatsuki summon the nine tails on their own

    Hugh The Awesome Pokémon TrainerHugh The Awesome Pokémon Trainer7 kun oldin
  • Hashirama vs deidara should not even be a debate of course hashirama would win

    Deadly voltageDeadly voltage8 kun oldin
  • Y’all forgot minato has half the tailed beast in him🥶

  • Why he bringing up Itachi vs gold Naruto after saying they aint talking about revived people

    Trill PlaysTrill Plays8 kun oldin
  • this niggas talking bout deidara

    De’Tron JonesDe’Tron Jones9 kun oldin
  • Tbh Neville would win

    Leonardo QuezadaLeonardo Quezada9 kun oldin
  • Wait a minute they said no reanimation so only when they was alive and they brought up how he was fighting Naruto in the war when itachi was reanimated

    Leonardo QuezadaLeonardo Quezada9 kun oldin
  • Minato learned how to counter kamui and teleported a whole tailed beat bomb and they saying Itachi better no way I agree with John

    Leonardo QuezadaLeonardo Quezada9 kun oldin
  • i stopped watching wen dey said itachi would body minato.....

    Ntlakuso nkunaNtlakuso nkuna10 kun oldin
  • The thing is mark is stubborn he won’t admit to being wrong John most of time be saying dumb shit and the others just follow after mark for some reason

    Fast Building TechFast Building Tech10 kun oldin
    • John be looking uncomfortable asl 😂

      Goldminer 590Goldminer 5909 kun oldin
  • john stupid

    dhil6720 dhil6720dhil6720 dhil672010 kun oldin
  • Lmao even tho itachi is my fav character i promise you he can't beat minato.

    African BulletAfrican Bullet10 kun oldin
  • Bruh they didn’t mean mf was the smartest in the show itachi being smart meant his level of maturity and wisdom bruh 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Simbi ChideyaSimbi Chideya11 kun oldin
  • Hol Up Last TIme I Checked Minato Has Dat Kyuubi Chakra mode i may be wrong idk but thats what i seen dats what i believe

    AramushaAramusha11 kun oldin
  • Madara wins because he has ems meaning he won't feel pain or fatigued from using his suanoo and ms abilitys while full health itching will still feel like every cell in his body aches

    Peter KanakePeter Kanake11 kun oldin
  • I think mark is biased towards itachi and will always vote him even when he's not able to win

    Peter KanakePeter Kanake11 kun oldin
  • No one mentioned minato has sage mode so he doesn't need to look at itachi

    Peter KanakePeter Kanake11 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry Mark, Itachi is goated, but Madara kind drops him off. They didn't even mention susano'o clones and perfect susano'o

    Kaizer JinKaizer Jin11 kun oldin
  • Chunin Exam Neji was lethal, he would've been taking out Sasuke's chakra points with no remorse.

    Justin ThomasJustin Thomas11 kun oldin
  • They sucking itachi off

    GS MikroGS Mikro13 kun oldin
  • I want a part 2 no cap

    JHAY KINGJHAY KING13 kun oldin
  • Minato's bodying Itachi.

    revravenlirevravenli14 kun oldin
  • Naruto > Neji and Sasuke > Naruto If Neji went all out during the beginning of the fight, he could win, but if he let the fight go on for more than 5 minutes, Sasuke would easily be victorious because after using the sharingan, predicting and countering Neji's combo's would become easier and easier throughout the fight.

    ToxicWorldToxicWorld14 kun oldin
  • Kakashi destroys tsunade minato claps itachi and madara is stronger than naruto and y’all think he can go against itachi y’all are dumb as hell

    The CEO of BrownitivityThe CEO of Brownitivity14 kun oldin
  • Also Itachi had help killing the village by surprise when niggas was asleep from Obito smh

  • What is that beat?! Its fire I want to listen to it!

    Jeremiah PoyerJeremiah Poyer15 kun oldin
  • What was the song on 0:54

    RealbabyboyRealbabyboy15 kun oldin
  • What was the song on 54

    RealbabyboyRealbabyboy15 kun oldin

  • The Fact That These Niggas Aint Say Madara Off Rip Proves They Itachi Meat Riders

    Insane CraneInsane Crane16 kun oldin
  • Bro Minato Can Break Genjustsu

    Insane CraneInsane Crane16 kun oldin
  • And diedara is not beating hashirama cause then y’all are implying that that version of sasuke will beat hashirama man highly disappointed at the facts that was brought up in this video I still fuck with y’all but there is more to this

    Angel CamposAngel Campos16 kun oldin
  • And also itachi is not stronger than óbito

    Angel CamposAngel Campos16 kun oldin
  • Bro ig y’all forgot lmfao mianto was fucking the nine tails up lmfao I never once saw itachi fight the nine tails and also mianto knows a lot of uzumaki sealing jutsus you guys forgot about that he could easily use the reaper death seal on itachi and he also fought óbito who was able to put the perfect tailed beast under genjustu

    Angel CamposAngel Campos16 kun oldin
  • They miss the fact minato has the tail beast chakra

    DadDad16 kun oldin
  • Play ninja storm and settle it down

    David SevicDavid Sevic17 kun oldin
  • Wtf are ya talking about

    Spades XSpades X18 kun oldin
  • Kakashi was an ANBU with the sharingan

    Mikail CherogonyMikail Cherogony18 kun oldin
  • Leland hoed lmao I'm dead

    The Real RevsThe Real Revs18 kun oldin
  • Deidara would body kakazu

    Jacob BrunsJacob Bruns18 kun oldin
  • Deidara got his arm back because of kakuzu

    Javias TrapinJavias Trapin20 kun oldin
  • John the only one who respected Minato. Come on the rest of Yall step it up

    Teamtakage 1Teamtakage 120 kun oldin
  • Mark moved the goal post a few times in this back n forth. He along with everyone else discredited Jon for arguing for DMS Kakashi, because he did not possess it through the majority of the show. Then proceeded to want to use a "fully healthy" Itachi to fight base Madara. Which isn't fair.

    WJ EdwardsWJ Edwards20 kun oldin
  • They really said itachi is smarter than minato, like get off his dick and go do some research, minato was literally the namikaze version of itachi, minato literally had all the exam records, was the youngest hokage and all these other things and they chose to shit can em, idiots

    Deadly_Descent FNDeadly_Descent FN21 kun oldin
  • They think itachis sussano is infinite and they said minato is only fast bc of his teleport, EVEN THO he was advanced with the body flicker, using their logic that means shisuis speed is all cap 🧢😂

    Deadly_Descent FNDeadly_Descent FN21 kun oldin
  • What y’all don’t know is kakashis dad is top 15 cause minato said in shippuden that he was stronger than every one of the legendary sanien

    VepzeyVepzey21 kun oldin
  • Itachi vs Madara. Yea Itachi was a Anbu leader young and absolute beast, I love Itachi, but y’all missed the fact that Madara literally grew up in straight war. He fought and survived against the strongest of shinobi. And was the strongest and leader of the Uchiha. It would def be a super dope fight but Madara is too OP

    saomanao1saomanao121 kun oldin
  • Zabuza Vs rock Lee

    yourhomiedrexyourhomiedrex21 kun oldin
  • Madara vs Itachi is not a debate come on lmao, and Itachi is my favorite character but Madara will squash him

    TPTWPTPTWP21 kun oldin
  • "Itachi is way over Obito " Excuse me...

    TPTWPTPTWP21 kun oldin
  • Um...... I dont want to be the one to say this but you guys forgot minato has perfect sage mode.

    Zakariya MoazzamZakariya Moazzam21 kun oldin
  • 10:09 Itachi being "That nigga" is not a valuable argument. XD

    KofiKofi21 kun oldin
  • the Itachi vs Minato take to much time bro Itachi wins easy nothing other thn uchiha with mangekyou can stop the tsukuyomi when you get caught with it thats game even adult kcm naruto would lose if he got caught with the tsukuyomi thats how op Itachi is.

    Ali Imran AkblAli Imran Akbl22 kun oldin
  • minato could easily beat itachi, other villages literally said "flee on sight of yellow flash" thats some goat shit * ik im 2 years late but why not

    abcarsabcars22 kun oldin
  • They are extremely over rating itachi they think itachi and madara is close they think minato is getting stomped I think I can sense itachitards

    Aidan IngramAidan Ingram22 kun oldin
  • Any Kakashi stomps Tsunade besides Beginning Naruto Kakashi and First time he was using Kamui. War ark and Hokage Kakashi stomps Tsunade Mid-High difficulty.

    XDemonic_Jay ‘XDemonic_Jay ‘22 kun oldin
  • Chunin Sasuke (Black suit) vs Neji. Ima honestly agree with Mark not about the speed though. The only reason I’d say Neji wasn’t that surprised by Lee’s weight off speed is because he has a 360 degree circle around him and good reaction time so pretty sure he’d be able to counter that I don’t think he’s physically faster. But Neji definitely beats Black Suit sasuke, if he uses Chidori, Rotation counters. He ain’t finna Genjutsu Neji with a two Tomei sharingan. Not to mention chakra points if he gets chakra points it’s over, at this time he actually couldn’t control the curse mark so I don’t know why people try and use that. Taijutsu I’d easily give that to Neji, literally Byakuygan legit means you’re finna be a Taijutsu god that’s what they specialize in.

    XDemonic_Jay ‘XDemonic_Jay ‘22 kun oldin
  • Kakashi vs Guy 8th gate guy stomps any Kakashi. 7th gate guy stomps any Kakashi, only debate is war arc Kakashi because of Kamui and PS Kakashi. Hokage Kakashi I’d say beats 7th Guy, has way more chakra then war arc Kakashi lasting for days and days in end, can cast Hand signs faster then the eye can see faster then Sasuke and he casts them fast ash, developed 3 other S classed Jutsu better then the Chidori, so......

    XDemonic_Jay ‘XDemonic_Jay ‘22 kun oldin
  • Itachi vs Madara... I’d say EMS Madara the only Madara who stomps Itachi.

    XDemonic_Jay ‘XDemonic_Jay ‘22 kun oldin
  • Kakazu stomps Deidara only Argument you got is C4 nano explosion which is actually a broken move. Anyone with Dojutsu is a bad match up with Deidara, anyone else that move would destroy pretty much anyone so I do agree with John, wouldn’t normally beat Hashirama though. Also not really a feat to bring up Naruto piercing the Third Hokage when he was legit fed information by someone who personally knew the third Hokage.

    XDemonic_Jay ‘XDemonic_Jay ‘22 kun oldin
  • Minato is honestly beating itachi

    MigiMigi22 kun oldin
  • This is why minato wins Minato has fought against uchihas before like obito, and even madara at one point and didn’t get put under genjutsu Minato was told by the 2nd hokage that his body flicker was faster then his and body flicker is raw speed that’s when you move so fast it looks like your teleporting Minato also has sage mode which is much better then jiraiyas Itachi susanos shield only protects from one direction so minatos can use shadow clones to hit Itachi from the opposite direction It is stated by saskue that the susano makes you feel pain in your whole body so Itachi wouldn’t be able to use it for ever minato can just stay back and wait for Itachi to get drained Also even when Itachi figures out minatos teleportation he has to guess where he is teleporting to and has to hit him before he teleports there which is almost impossible to do both Itachi would just has to get lucky And Itachi having Kage level mind set doesn’t mean he as smart that just means he has the maturity of a kage

    EternalEternal23 kun oldin
  • I’m rewatching, this tell John I said deidara can’t beat hashirama. If hashirama go full power deidara will be lucky to even touch him.

    raymond curryraymond curry23 kun oldin
  • RUN on sight not try

    Cmwrld KageCmwrld Kage23 kun oldin
  • Pre reanimation Madara has the 9 tails and wood clones and has a better susano and better stamina. This isnt Uchiha Wank this is Itachi Wank.

    GamingLegend 6260GamingLegend 626023 kun oldin