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On this episode of Back & Forth we go thru all the characters in Avatar: The Last Airbender & see who stands out on top! How do you think we made the rankings go? Find out today! & if you feel like we slept on anyone let us know!
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  • Man we had to talk about avatar! What y’all wanna see next? Let’s get this video to 40k likes!?

    RDCworld1RDCworld16 oy oldin
    • We should see the strongest anime groups (SDS, TEN COMMANDMENTS, BLACK BULLS, AKATSUKI) this is what I mean by groups just in case

      3reKeZo _3reKeZo _25 kun oldin
    • Rank the captain's in one piece

      James PettyJames Petty26 kun oldin
    • Who won the contest in snafu

      tomcarlotomcarloOy oldin

      I amthehypeI amthehypeOy oldin
    • @Leatile Suping Iroh over Ozai, Bumi over Azula

      Tshepo MakhadoTshepo MakhadoOy oldin
  • hama or swamp benders?

    King_ ChrisKing_ Chris5 soat oldin
  • Lowkey Bolin could beat Toph ,she is the better bender overall, but how is she going to to counter his lava? And Bolin was hanging with Ghazan. Bolin with lava is like Obito when he first finally get his sharingan

    Jamaree BellJamaree Bell13 soat oldin
    • I like Toph more but use a brain to say how win. Throwing bending earth at Bolin just gave him more ammo to throw back at her

      Jamaree BellJamaree Bell6 soat oldin
    • Oh please you really think that matters to Toph? She stomps

      Gorilla Glue ExpertGorilla Glue Expert6 soat oldin
  • Actually Momo is Number 1 my guy

    JDOTJDOTKun oldin
  • the thing is katara is #3 she goes 1v1 with azula in a full moon...coz she cant use blood bend without the full moon like Amon...

    Ritz Roldenn AlpajoraRitz Roldenn AlpajoraKun oldin
  • 1. Aang 2. Ozai 3. Iroh 4. Blood Bending Katara 5. Azula 6. Toph 7. Bumi 8. Zuko 9. Jeong Jeong 10. Ty Lee

    Sherwin JohnSherwin John2 kun oldin
    • @Gorilla Glue Expert She’s not alive during the show

      Sherwin JohnSherwin John6 soat oldin
    • Nah strongest is Kiyoshi

      Gorilla Glue ExpertGorilla Glue Expert6 soat oldin
  • Iroh has lightning and Zuko doesn’t even though he can redirect it and they went to him when they couldn’t find aang to beat ozai. Also lightning counters metal bending so iroh is AT LEAST 5 imo maybe higher

    Blake AndersonBlake Anderson2 kun oldin
  • Nah they really put Iroh at 7

    Kayla TaylorKayla Taylor4 kun oldin
  • Toph??? NO TOPH. ???

    Honeybee SavageHoneybee Savage7 kun oldin

    skinnymon123skinnymon1238 kun oldin
  • Idk what yaw talking bout zuko (good) was strong as shit I would definitely put him at your top ten and da nigga is the fire world and he alive in Kora

    VegitoXGogeta XVegitoXGogeta X9 kun oldin
  • Y’all tripping, Iroh is top 3 easily. He can bang out with everybody except Aang, remember when they met up at the camp Zuko asked him to fight against Ozai because he knows he can beat him. Iroh is top 3 maybe 2, the disrespect to Iroh is crazy

    Maurice JonesMaurice Jones13 kun oldin
  • Y’all sleepin on iron nd buni

    AbnooriAbnoori13 kun oldin
  • I’m loving the RESPECK y’all put on Katara’s name!!

    Dirty JonesDirty Jones14 kun oldin
  • Anybody gonna mention that blood bending requires the full moon in ATLA

    ClaykingdomClaykingdom15 kun oldin
  • I’m late but Ty Lee never took an L in Avatar

    Petty WapPetty Wap17 kun oldin
  • korra would’ve given any the hands and at the same age

    Papa TroutPapa Trout18 kun oldin
  • Iroa said he could beat ozai but wasn’t his place firelord ozai would get beat by azula regularly he was only nice because of the comet

    Papa TroutPapa Trout18 kun oldin
  • I fuck with azula but i don’t think she can get through toph

    Slaughter_ GangSlaughter_ Gang22 kun oldin
  • What about boomie

    Slaughter_ GangSlaughter_ Gang22 kun oldin
  • Nah Iroh got azula he got shot because he was lowkey always goin Easton the youngins

    Slaughter_ GangSlaughter_ Gang22 kun oldin
  • Boomy shoulda been 1 tough 4 boomie alone be moving whole building and bending with his chin and he don’t need an eclipse to strengthen him

    Theonemelon 4Theonemelon 423 kun oldin
    • Without avatar state

      Theonemelon 4Theonemelon 423 kun oldin
  • Jonga is raspy above zuko

    Theonemelon 4Theonemelon 423 kun oldin
  • Mei should not have been on there

    Theonemelon 4Theonemelon 423 kun oldin
  • Bouta say it u forgot though I woulda buged

    Theonemelon 4Theonemelon 423 kun oldin
  • Put some respect on my mans Appa's name he literally and figuratively carried team avatar. Also 2nd best airbender in the world.

    Dominic nyuonDominic nyuon24 kun oldin
  • Katara went from trash to master in like 4 episodes. Early on she couldn’t even do anything but make waves and then she clapped the water master in the same season

    Ryne KremerRyne Kremer24 kun oldin
  • Y’all hoed Iroh. Zuko went and asked him to stop his father and said no because the avatar must do it. I can’t do it because the world doesn’t need a brother defeating his brother. And Ozai is the biggest hoe of them all fighting a kid. Ozai is number four, Toph is three, Aang is two and Iroh is one, no contest

    Jeffrey GreenJeffrey Green25 kun oldin
  • Zuko can't even bend lightning

    James PettyJames Petty26 kun oldin
  • Iroh literally busted out of prison with his bare hands, like he metalbended without bending come on man

    James PettyJames Petty26 kun oldin
  • Toph and Bumi actually faced each other in the avatar comics. It ended in a tie

    Pat SaldanaPat Saldana27 kun oldin
  • iroh low key number 3 or 4

    Max NazarioMax Nazario27 kun oldin
  • How is blood bending a cheat but going avatar mode isn't

    Cheez ItCheez It28 kun oldin
  • The guru

    KJ MKJ M28 kun oldin
  • kingboothethird on twitch sent me to tell you YOURE WRONG

    Tim DeeleyTim DeeleyOy oldin
  • I'm gonna make a response video to this. Some things I wanna add/change but don't wanna comment lol

    King SmithKing SmithOy oldin
  • HAMA the one who created bloodbending and pulled water out of air and trees???????????????

    Bruh Let's TalkBruh Let's TalkOy oldin
  • Blood bending should not be that big of a thing for katara to be that high cus u can only do it during the blood moon, Amon and his fam are exceptions

    Jason DavisJason DavisOy oldin
  • Of course its aang

    Sasuke UchihaSasuke UchihaOy oldin
  • 1 Aang (with avatar-state) 2 Ozai - Katara (with blood bending) 3 Iroh 4 Azula - Aang (without avatar-state) 5 Toph 6 Katara (no blood bending) 7 Zuko 8 Bumi 9 Jeong Jeong 10 Ty Lee

    Lazer_96Lazer_96Oy oldin
  • It's Katara, and I didn't even need to watch the video. Katara, hands down. If you remember, she fought Azula in Zuko's place during an Agni Kai, after Zuko ate a bolt of lightning to save her. Most of her movements were defensive or evasive, yes, but she still kept up with Azula's speed and ferocity. We're also talking about one of the fiercest, strongest fire benders in history, in her prime and about to become the next Fire Lord, so Azula isn't some fodder character. While Zuko was still fighting her, she was actually managing to push him back, and Zuko couldn't quite crack her shell or actually land an attack, only defend and stay in the fight. This is the same Zuko that's been blessed through the trial of the twin dragons, so he's tanky as fuck too. But that's not entirely accurate, is it? Katara didn't just fight THE strongest bender in the known living world, aside from Ozai obviously (one-dimensional brute strength to be fair, not all-around ability, cabbage head comes to mind). No, she fought the current strongest fire bender, again _in her prime_ , during the arrival of *Sozin's comet,* which amps a fire bender beyond the conceivable parameters of bending itself. So to put things into perspective, this is like that moment from Dragon Ball Z, when Frieza first pops his final form and starts to go blow for blow with Goku. It's not just impressive that Goku is fighting Frieza, one of the most feared conquerors in the known universe, it's not just impressive that he can go blow for blow with his most powerful form, it's already fucking *BROKEN* that Goku was even able to detect Frieza's movements at all and see his attacks (even Vegeta mentions this specifically). Likewise, if Azula wasn't such a psychologically broken egotist, seeing Katara outmaneuver amped fire-bending should have scared the shit out of her. This would have been that moment in the anime, where a strong character on the sidelines would have said ", looks like the battle's already been decided".

    Ice BearIce BearOy oldin
  • Nobody talking about appa

    dang._noneckderrick on instadang._noneckderrick on instaOy oldin
  • Everyone gangsta till dogs come out the swamp.

    Chris HoutermanChris HoutermanOy oldin
  • they forgot the blood bender that taught katara. She was handling Aang, Sokka, and Katara at the same time, and forced Katara to blood bend

    niiotu ankrahniiotu ankrahOy oldin
  • ngl Korra would walk away with the dub against Aang. She can metal bend, and she's much cleaner with transitioning elements.

    niiotu ankrahniiotu ankrahOy oldin
  • toph the blind bandit do yall remember her

    JP420JP420Oy oldin
  • Y'all really forgetting that swamp guy with the giant vine monster? He took out like 50 people in one swing

    TekNikTekNikOy oldin
  • Don’t sleep on sokka’s boomerang

    Jordan EzikeJordan EzikeOy oldin
  • So we gone act like Iroh didn't handle Azula countless times

    King VaderKing VaderOy oldin
  • Out of the 3 I say Toph, Katara, an Azula. Azula was a master of her class. But Toph is BLIND since childhood an she understood the movements of things. And she continued to learn more as Azula never really wanted to learn more of her craft. She stuck with what she knew.

    Christopher JimenezChristopher JimenezOy oldin
  • No one brought up the..... never mind saw the end of the vid Sorry 😐

    Tremayne TylerTremayne TylerOy oldin
  • HOW DID THEY PUT JEONG JEONG ON TOP OF BUMI? bumi took back an entire city, a whole CITY at age 114 c'mon

    EzaEzaOy oldin
  • Ty Lee?!??

    chuchuchuchiachuchuchuchiaOy oldin
  • They should of compared avatar last air bender and legend of korra

    yøung iCyyøung iCyOy oldin
  • That title dragon of the west is not so crazy he had that shit because he was spit fire from his mouth bout azula and ozai hit that hoe too

    YslsaiYslsaiOy oldin
  • Bumi should be higher he bend ozai statue and he earth bend with he's face bru

    YslsaiYslsaiOy oldin
  • Toph should be 4 toph is op asf

    YslsaiYslsaiOy oldin
  • Katara said she don't won't do blood banding

    YslsaiYslsaiOy oldin
  • Azula should be over katara

    YslsaiYslsaiOy oldin
  • Pls make this back and forth Avatar again is so dope

    YslsaiYslsaiOy oldin
  • Toph should be 4 toph is op

    YslsaiYslsaiOy oldin
  • They should make an avatar show where the avatar is would that not be live

    Anthony NiewinskiAnthony NiewinskiOy oldin
  • Hold on💔, I'm just gonna autocorrect some grammar on this list. Nothing Major✔️ 1. Aang 2. Katara 3. Iroh 4. Ozai 5. Toph 6. Bumi 7. Jeong Jeong 8. Azula 9. Zuko 10. Paku *Ty Lee Ty Lee is debatable because she can arguably take many of the people on this list, but if it was a 1on1 tournament to the death and everyone had to be merciless, Ty Lee is out. Faves aside gents, my list makes more sense. It's debatable from 3 to 6. I know Toph can beat Bumi because they are both Earth benders but Toph is special, but I don't know if Ozai can take Bumi and I don't know what would happen between Iroh and Bumi. I mean Bumi threw houses, factories and a castle like they were pebbles and it wasn't on a special day like full moons or Sozins Comet. He is pretty powerful and skilled 💯. Iroh could've taken out Ozai but he always felt that it wasn't his place, he felt that the Avatar needed to do it because he was focused on the bigger picture. Azula vs Iroh is not debatable though, firebender vs firebender... Iroh is just more experienced, Azula doesn't even know how to redirect lightning, it's late for her. Katara is on top because of blood bending, and as we've seen, avatar state beats blood bending.

    Tshepo MakhadoTshepo MakhadoOy oldin
    • @Leatile Suping

      Tshepo MakhadoTshepo MakhadoOy oldin
    • Okay Azula probably takes Jeong Jeong because my boi Jeong Jeong don't know SHWIT about lightning. But he still takes Zuko because Zuko never actually learned how to create lightning in ATLA, only redirect.

      Tshepo MakhadoTshepo MakhadoOy oldin
  • 😂😂😂😂💔💔Naaaah y'all 🙅🏾‍♂️ This list is not it, nOOOOOOOOO😭😂💔🙅🏾‍♂️

    Tshepo MakhadoTshepo MakhadoOy oldin
  • All powers should be considered. If y'all gave Tof metal and gave aang Avatar State, Katara should get her skills... Katara is #2

    Tshepo MakhadoTshepo MakhadoOy oldin
  • IROH takes Azula!

    Tshepo MakhadoTshepo MakhadoOy oldin
  • Wooooooow, y'all just did Iroh DIRTY💔!!! IROH TAKES OZAI

    Tshepo MakhadoTshepo MakhadoOy oldin
  • Imagine if like a master metal bender could bend the iron in blood

    LjLovesThisWrldLjLovesThisWrldOy oldin
  • fire lord ozai got his strength from a comet...

    Chase MckenzieChase MckenzieOy oldin
  • End of Series Katara would fuck up any version of Azula one on one. It's implied several times actually. 1. From Katara clearly having the edge on Azula in Book 2, and this wasn't even End Of Series Katara. 2. During the eclipse, the writers made everyone in Team Avatar at the time BUT Katara pursue Azula. I wonder why? 3. Azula did not realize that she was "weaker" at the end of Book 3 due to losing her sanity and she still didn't dare take on Zuko (who she beats with low difficulty anyway) and Katara. Despite being comet enhanced, she still fears Katara which makes little sense if she's already stronger than her without the comet. 4. Insane or not, Katara still beat a Comet enhanced Azula. 5. In the comic, the writers AGAIN removed Katara from the story for Azula's Kemurikage arc. I WONDER WHY.

    George LyleGeorge LyleOy oldin
  • The motherfucking dragon of the west at 7 🤣

    KING georgeKING georgeOy oldin
  • ion think u get to go to the dragons n get the boost if ur evil

    idlebruhidlebruhOy oldin
  • Yall over hyping aang group.

    J.Flashy PhotographyJ.Flashy PhotographyOy oldin
  • I dont think Mai messing with Sokka imo. She nice but Sokka is only one of 2 people in the whole series who got a kill in the show when he killed Combustion Man, he took on his master, was as taking people out in the solar eclipse and in the finale. Not to mention he is the guys who comes up with all their plans, being the most inventive and creative along being a very good warrior. Suki and Tye Lee are nice so I respect their honorable mention... 1. Aang- He is the Avatar, he is cold. 2. Azula- She literally killed Aang and it always takes a group of people to beat her and even then it's still almost impossible. 3. Toph- She before metalbending was nasty, after is a real problem. 4. Katara- If she could bloodbend at will like metal or lightning bending, she would be higher, but she can only do it during a full moon but she still nice. 5. Ozai- Only because he is the firelord, or was. Let's be honest, we only seen him sorta in action 3 times. First when he burned his Zuko in the eye who didn't even fight back, then when he tried to zap Zuko with lightning and he redirected it, and finally against Aang who could of killed him not in the Avatar State if he had hit him with that lightning, then he spanked him, and took his bending away. 6. Iroh- He nasty, don't ever play him. He busted himself out of jail, he redirected Azula lightning from not killing Zuko, Dragon if the West, he be taking out multiple people too like Azula. Nasty. 7. Bumi- he like 112 and he is out here taking back his whole village alone and was in a metal box lol. Fun fact, in the comics before the comet, Bumi and Toph did a 1v1 to see who was the greatest earth bender and they tied. 8. Zuko- I think Zuko is awesome and he had done great matches and great wins but he had a lot of L's against Aang and Azula and Katara lol. Even Jet was putting work on Aang but Zuko is a master Firebender and a master of the duel swords, and be whooping Jhao. 9. Pakku. I almost put him at 10 but he is nasty. He did beat Katara ofc but during that full moon, he went off. He was out there embarrassing the fire nation with that water tsunami whirlpool typhoon tornado thing he had going on, plus with Sozen Comet, even as a water bender, he was killing it. 10. Jong Jong- almost had him at 9 because I remembered he was in the military and was the first one to escape and live and for that performance he did at Sozen Comet but that wasn't enough. What Pakku in that episode was crazy. Jong Jong still a problem though. Honorable mentions- Sokka, Tye Lee, Suki, Hakoda, Jet

    Hawlucha LuchaHawlucha LuchaOy oldin
  • The instrumental in the background is from the j cole song false profits or if you want the more original origin of were the beat manifested from that would be the song waves by the hip hop artist joey bada$$

    Justin CashJustin CashOy oldin
  • 1.Aang 2.Ozai 3.Toph 4.Azula 5.Katara(no blood bending) 6.Zuko 7.Iroh 8.Bumi 9.Jeong Jeong 10.Ty Lee

    Phantom SavageGamingPhantom SavageGamingOy oldin
  • Y’all mad disrespected Iroh

    NW71 XXNW71 XXOy oldin
  • Topher can't fight if we burn her feet. She cant beat zuko

    Lauren samLauren samOy oldin
  • Tai lee is above most of the people but not above who you guys think she’s above

    J. L.OJ. L.OOy oldin
  • Come on we all know the top 4: 4- boomerang 3- space sword 2- appa 1- The Man, The Myth, the Legend, MOMO!!!!

    Sync 1017Sync 1017Oy oldin
  • Didn't they say that bloodbending can only be used during a full moon which isn't often. Personally I would Azula>Toph>Katara

    Nana BonsuNana BonsuOy oldin
  • Kuvira is the strongest Fighter in the legend of Kora

    TyTyOy oldin
  • The swamp benders was cold too 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Hassan EasonHassan EasonOy oldin
  • Iroh is literally the best fire bender of all time

    heathheath2 oy oldin
  • Iroh to low and combustion man is a dog y’all buggin

    Jay DeeJay Dee2 oy oldin
  • I like the last but I feel like iron should be higher

    Anime AddictAnime Addict2 oy oldin
  • Among both ATLA and LOK 1.Aang, And also Korra (can’t give two places to avatars) 2.Yakone 💯💯💯 He can beat almost anybody except for avatar 3.Iroh 4.Ozai/King Bumi/Jeong Jeong 5. Zaheer (my man flying like he crazy dawg) 6.Amon 7.Katara 8.Zuko 9.Azula 10.Tenzin

  • Lol had to get these facts out about Zuko. He’s over Azula... In book 2 and the beginning of book 3 he probably couldn’t. Zuko suffered from inner turmoil and shame. That’s the reason his firebending was weak compared to her’s early on. Following this further, Zuko struggled with his identity. He was constantly conflicted between the morality of his mother and the hatred from his father. That put an imbalance within his emotions. Bending requires incredible emotional focus and he didn’t have that yet. That’s why he failed as a child. However after he got mental clarity and stopped seeking his father’s approval(Post-dragons) he could definitely defeat her. The Avatar extras even state that when Zuko embraces his true destiny, his firebending becomes a lot stronger. Most people like to say he couldn’t because of Iroh’s words. “Not alone, you’ll need help.” However Iroh didn’t see Zuko train with the dragons or redirect lightning from Ozai. The last time he saw Zuko’s progress in firebending would be back in season 2, when his abilities were blocked by shame/inner turmoil. Also Iroh split up each person in the Gaang with support on their side. Even if Iroh believed Zuko has the edge on Azula, the fight wouldn’t happen without cost. They’d both be badly injured if they went all-out by themselves. Why would he send his nephew alone to take such a risk while everyone else had a team? Including himself. That’s why he sent backup. Now let me explain why Zuko would defeat mentality stable Azula. Physically- Both of them are exceptional martial artists. They’re extremely agile and nimble. Almost like ninja. Zuko could literally break metal chains with an axe kick and run across a wall like he was sticking to it. Azula could dodge powerful Airbending attacks from Aang and pounce off high structures. They’re probably even in that department. Although Zuko has a bit more h2h feats than Azula, it’s reasonable to say they’re about even in martial artists. Bending- I believe this is the department where Zuko has a clear edge. In terms of lightning bending, Azula has the advantage but this won’t serve well in a fight. Especially when both siblings know redirection. They’d simply throw the lightning back and forth endlessly. Now back to firebending. Zuko’s firebending is superior to Azula’s in many ways. Azula may have blue flames(hotter), but it’s been proven that they are equal to Zuko’s red fire. They have stalemated in power at the Air Temple, Agni Kai, and even S&S. They can put out the same amount of firepower. So they are even there. However Zuko’s technique with his firebending exceeds Azula’s. Zuko is able to use the movements from other elements to enhance his firebending style. He uses the agility of Airbenders, the solid stances of earthbenders, and the fluidity of waterbenders in his style. It makes his bending more refined and almost dance-like. On top of that, Zuko is able to use the sun warrior style. This circular and fluid style is another great advantage. With this style, Zuko used a defensive approach in his firebending. Unlike regular aggressive firebending, this version allows Zuko to easily repel powerful attacks with grace and tranquility. This was seen when Zuko easily blocked Azula’s blue flames on the Gondola and at the Air Temple. Now Zuko is also the only Firebender to utilize the comet-style Jet Propulsion on a normal day. During Sozin’s comet, firebenders are capable of flying using “foot only” Jet propulsion. They can propel themselves to glide and fly using only their feet. Ozai, Jeong Jeong, and Azula took advantage of this during the comet. However on a normal day, Azula needs her hands and feet to fly. Zuko on the other hand can fly using only his feet on a normal day. He demonstrated this technique when he rescued the Earth King in North and Sourh. This was while he endured the cold of the Northern Water Tribe. Now Zuko’s final advantage is his unique ability to generate dragon fire. Zuko was able to create a dragon flame vortex and produce purple/green flames. This move required 2 dragon masters to perform and Zuko demonstrated this easily. Simply after viewing their performance. Intelligence- Azula has the advantage in intelligence, but it doesn’t serve her too well in a fight against Zuko. Zuko is no longer headstrong and impatient. Considering how he was abused as a child and banished, it’s not hard to see why he used to be like that. However when he released his shame he became calmer and a lot smarter. In a fight, she won’t be able to rile him up or make him fight with less power. So although she has an advantage in smarts, it won’t serve her well against her brother. Unless they’re taking a written test together lol Because the fight will mainly be a bending brawl, Zuko would definitely defeat his sister. Regarding the ridiculous S&S tomb scuffle: Zuko’s incredibly talented in h2h combat. Just cause she got one kick on Zuko, doesn’t mean, she’s better than him in h2h combat. Second, the reason it’s PIS, is because, Zuko was put on the ground before like this. She nailed him with a side-kick, so that means he’d have to be propelled backwards and hit the ground. So to mount him, she’d have to chase him down and then sit on him. Now Zuko was knocked on the ground by Zhao before. While on the ground, Zuko was able to react to a point blank range fireblast by using an advanced breakdancing kick. He literally was able to evade the blast and break Zhao’s root simultaneously. I know for a fact Azula rushing at Zuko when he’s on the ground, is not faster than a point-blank range fireblast. The comic, literally made him lie there, and get mounted. They didn’t even show her rushing at him. They just skipped to when he was on the ground. Even while on the ground he had both hands free and did nothing. SaS really took a huge dump on all of Zuko’s abilities and talents. I understand she’s fighting to kill and he isn’t, but he’s a firebending genius and he’s able to end conflicts without killing. Physically they’re pretty even but Zuko’s bending is superior and he’d definitely win in a fight against her. Currently Azula is still doing bad things with her gang and Mai is still apart from Zuko. These conflicts need to be solved. So I predict they’ll have a rematch in a future comic and Zuko will come out on top. Following Azula’s defeat, I feel like she’d respect her brother and he’d lead her down the road of redemption. Maybe even teach her the dragon dance or dragon flames. However overall, based on my analysis, Zuko could definitely defeat a mentally stable Azula and most likely will in his next comic. He should definitely be top 4. Above Azula. Also Katara can only bloodbend during the full moon, Toph should probably be higher than her. Anyways Awesome video guys🔥. Y’all the GOAT.

    Blazing YouthBlazing Youth2 oy oldin
  • My opinion tops claps katana no homo

    DASHERDASHER2 oy oldin
  • First of all, put some respect on Uncle Iroh's name, he's a beast he just be on that zen shit

    SamiiSamii2 oy oldin
  • Yo yall really forgot how Azula bodied the whole during the eclipse when she didn't even have her bending

    Tristan SanonTristan Sanon2 oy oldin
  • Azula: wassup Tof:wassup Katara: WASSUP!

    YungVenYungVen2 oy oldin
  • Aang, katara, Bumi, Iroh, Ozai, Azula, Zuko, Jeong Jeong, Toph, Paku? Or Combustion Man

    Kevin JamesKevin James2 oy oldin
  • I think zaheer could beat toph and katara and before u think I’m crazy think about it katara has never had to fight an air bender before and let’s not forget my nigga zaheer can fly katara and toph ain’t never had to deal with some shit like that and on the topic of zaheer flying how is toph going to beat a nigga who isn’t touching the floor

    Dełø DDVDełø DDV2 oy oldin
  • The fat brothers bending is below sub par compared to the original avatar generation I believe Lil dude at the earth bending prison camp would wash his chubby ass

    Odi3 frmtha6Odi3 frmtha62 oy oldin
  • Y’all forgot sozen if you wanna count him

    Roman SpencerRoman Spencer2 oy oldin
  • Man lemme slide next time. Y’all gotta respect season 3/4 toph op

    Roman SpencerRoman Spencer2 oy oldin
  • Y’all know toph blind. She ain’t use her eyes the whole show. No blood bending toph could be the toughest girl frfr

    Roman SpencerRoman Spencer2 oy oldin
  • What about taf

    ArkwydArkwyd2 oy oldin
  • Y’all slept on mai. If she threw her knives to kill...😨

    Christian ThompsonChristian Thompson2 oy oldin