14-Okt, 2018
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Part 2 To the Highly Anticipated Avatar The Last Hoodbender Series Created by RDCWorld1. Avatar The Last Hoodbender is A Parody Of Avatar The Last Airbender but set in the hood with different Powers!
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  • Man man man! I don’t even wanna tell y’all what’s coming next wait yes I do! ALL HEAT lol fr get this video to 60k likes ! It’s crazy out here foreal we putting in 100% on videos love y’all we gone!

    RDCworld1RDCworld12 yil oldin
    • Yooo it’s been 2 whole years and we are still waiting for a part 2

      TikToks OutletTikToks Outlet14 kun oldin
    • I need more

      Dark !Dark !4 oy oldin
    • Part 4?

      da best goatda best goat5 oy oldin
    • Part 4

      da best goatda best goat5 oy oldin
    • 9:12 just caught that

      The Legendary NalonThe Legendary Nalon5 oy oldin
  • My face when my teacher say she calling my mom 1:10

    qtLaze ψqtLaze ψ3 soat oldin
  • ooooo

    regreg3 soat oldin
  • The legend of Korra hood edition

    Sokka on Cactus JuiceSokka on Cactus Juice4 soat oldin
  • PLS make anther one

    Dillon LawrenceDillon Lawrence21 soat oldin
  • *D E S M O N D J O H N S O N* the evilest anime villain in all RDC

    Shawn BaltazardShawn BaltazardKun oldin
  • Imagine there actually making part 4 and it’s gonna be a full UZworld movie

  • Avatar: The Legend of Mark

    DroughtxzDroughtxzKun oldin
  • We need pt 4!!!!

    beastoftheeast385beastoftheeast3852 kun oldin
  • RAW

    Lucky MystikLucky Mystik2 kun oldin
  • its been 2 years and you still didnt make another avatar

    Exavier RobinsonExavier Robinson4 kun oldin
  • We need part 4

  • I’m not going to lie. Desmond he low key the best actor he is so underrated a lot of people can’t do what he fo

    ItsLostItsLost5 kun oldin
  • It’s been two years and i watched this series like 15 times and i still get choked up when Desmond bring out his sister . This top tier

    Prynze StylezPrynze Stylez6 kun oldin
  • Who else in 2020 waiting for the next hood avatar

    the potato under your bedthe potato under your bed6 kun oldin
  • We’re is 5

    Jack MedleyJack Medley6 kun oldin
  • Damn I hate cliff hangers. Wish there was an episode 4

    Facehunter2003Facehunter20038 kun oldin
  • It's been over 2 years since we need the Hood Avatar the most and he vanished

    Kiron GoldenKiron Golden9 kun oldin
  • 10:52 you can here the dog in the back bark in avatar state 😂

    ChrisMaiTheAsianGuyChrisMaiTheAsianGuy10 kun oldin
  • Damn this was some hard shit.... mademe shed a tear..... So part 4 is where?

    SpectreworldSpectreworld10 kun oldin
  • 3:39 THE PHONE OFF

    spazz gangspazz gang11 kun oldin
  • Mark is like the avatar roku and Desmond is like fire lord sozin

    JayDaKidJayDaKid11 kun oldin
  • Where the rest homie

    Dt buggangDt buggang11 kun oldin
  • It's over 60K you finish to video Please want to see what happens next

    Puppets GoodPuppets Good12 kun oldin
  • The leader of the Sneaking nation ain't even do none, I thought he was about to smack Desmond before he shot her. Oh my bad for spoiling

    IIHakushuIIHakushu12 kun oldin
  • It’s been 2 years nigga hurry yo ass up we could’ve been done with this bs

    ftc_Jalenftc_Jalen12 kun oldin
  • We need part 4!!!!!!!!!!! WAR!!!!!!!!!

    y mncy mnc12 kun oldin
  • No way this was two years ago, it felt like a few months

    Kalden SopaaKalden Sopaa12 kun oldin

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  • Bruh the white dude dies first

    Tomi AnimationsTomi Animations12 kun oldin
    • Hes lightskin

      littyjohnlittyjohnKun oldin
  • like

    bilal hassanbilal hassan13 kun oldin
  • When's the next one coming out man

    Michelle Andree-BartonMichelle Andree-Barton13 kun oldin
  • How many time did they said the world n

    Alexfreakin McIntyreAlexfreakin McIntyre13 kun oldin
  • Shooting nation about tuh feel it😂😂😂

    jesse johnjesse john13 kun oldin
  • part 3

    It’s LikIt’s Lik14 kun oldin
  • part 3

    It’s LikIt’s Lik14 kun oldin
  • part 3

    It’s LikIt’s Lik14 kun oldin
  • What nation is the guy in the black shirt who looks Hispanic.

    Isaac EsquivelIsaac Esquivel15 kun oldin
  • Black Mums Be Like 1:11

    Razzl DrxpRazzl Drxp15 kun oldin
  • need me epiosde 4 cmon man

    John NguyenJohn Nguyen16 kun oldin
  • he spittin fax 10:58

    YPV sentoYPV sento17 kun oldin
  • Why isn't there any more of this? It''s really well put together & the plot was building up too. The brothers even began to pick up sponsorship along the way

    Jeremy WilsonJeremy Wilson19 kun oldin
  • “white n***as* don’t care about the hood.” ???????

    Carl MarksCarl Marks20 kun oldin
  • 10:48 literally every hood n*gga to ever exist

    Dr.MakotoDr.Makoto20 kun oldin
  • When’s this gonna continue bro my popcorn been sitting in the microwave for a W H I L E

    Dr.MakotoDr.Makoto20 kun oldin
  • What nation did mark belong to before he was the avatar

    Water RipperWater Ripper20 kun oldin
    • I'm pretty sure the shooting nation

      Reign-Reign-19 kun oldin
  • ayy when episode 4 comin bro its been 2 frickin years bro

    KenDoesThingsKenDoesThings20 kun oldin
  • Come on....where is 4? Wtf....nooooooo

    Justin ChristianJustin Christian20 kun oldin
  • anyone hear the dog

    ScrubyScruby21 kun oldin
  • Make a part 4 pleaseeeeee

    Whitie the rapperWhitie the rapper21 kun oldin
  • Im wit sneak nation, who yall wit?

    LxnczlnLxnczln22 kun oldin
  • "you know how many niggas can die from war"? "you know how many niggas dying right now"? i felt that

    kahzee's gamehousekahzee's gamehouse22 kun oldin
  • Other than being extremely funny and good acting, this has a really deep meaning about kids and teens from areas where they are trying to make it out. That they have dreams and aspirations too but they get stuck without getting help to get out. Loved it a lot had such a good intention and meaning.

    DoubleAA.VlogsDoubleAA.Vlogs23 kun oldin
  • Man when we gone get the rest of it

    Jay_WouldJay_Would24 kun oldin
  • upload the next one please im loving these episodes

    Attempt ツAttempt ツ24 kun oldin
  • Man said he life in jail he might as well be dead

    whiptasticwhiptastic25 kun oldin
  • This shit deep

    Francisco SolanoFrancisco Solano25 kun oldin
  • Still waitin for part 4

    Pro ModPro Mod25 kun oldin
  • When the hood avatar gets caught by 12🤦‍♂️

    GXRLA Prod.GXRLA Prod.25 kun oldin
  • come back man

    thatonekidthatonekid25 kun oldin
  • They need another episode.... lol

    Ikaros ApolloIkaros Apollo26 kun oldin
  • so uhh yeah where is episode 4 or part 3?

    Sleepyz _GamingSleepyz _Gaming26 kun oldin
  • A c'mon man. Could we get the other episode's. This shit better than the real airbender

    Mac WestMac West26 kun oldin
    • Lmfaoooooo. I was just telling my friend this. This shit's awesome.

      StefandaBombStefandaBomb13 kun oldin
  • Legit better than most stuff on TV.

    Martavious FleeksMartavious Fleeks26 kun oldin
  • The "hoodbender" YES!!!

    The Sober KingThe Sober King26 kun oldin
  • Yo how the fuck i started to get into this series for it not to have an ending. This shit was done years ago. Ya need to finish this book

    Jeryko MontanezJeryko Montanez26 kun oldin
  • I wonder what y'all neighbors think 🤔 🤣

    Adam AngottiAdam Angotti27 kun oldin
  • When is episode 4 coming bruh

    Evan VueEvan Vue27 kun oldin
  • Two years later and we’re finally getting an new episode

    Mitchell BaconMitchell Bacon28 kun oldin
  • NO! This had me crying bro! No 😭

    fleshbeaniezfleshbeaniez28 kun oldin
  • Where the part 4 at!!!!!!!!!!

    Alizeh ShahAlizeh Shah28 kun oldin
  • Please make another episode this is too good

    Babatunde the firstBabatunde the first28 kun oldin
  • Bro that hood reality check was so accurate lol

    Rock HadnotRock Hadnot28 kun oldin
  • First time seeing this!... Who would think things like that will happen in real life!

    King VeteranKing Veteran28 kun oldin
  • It's been two years my guy we need to spam in the vids to make them remember THAT WE NEED A PART FOUR

    Stezzy KaneStezzy Kane28 kun oldin
  • We need part for mfing now bro!

    KingAlKingAl28 kun oldin
  • But we believe Markus can save our hoods

    NickBreedlove95NickBreedlove9529 kun oldin
  • Just the concept alone is hilarious to me

    lanzo86lanzo8629 kun oldin

    Jory PJory POy oldin
  • Waiting for part 4. For those that don’t have TikTok one of their latest vids said Hood Avatar coming back. I think it’s in the works as we speak

    REZ DestroyerREZ DestroyerOy oldin
  • google.com

    Papi TrapiPapi TrapiOy oldin
  • Yo you need to stop playing and finish this. Deadass id pay for this to be finished

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  • “Get yo ass up outta here boy” 😂😂😂

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  • Suburbunlife 😂

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  • Flames

    z7513z7513Oy oldin
  • Bruh can we get a part 4 i been waiting since 2 years

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  • Imagine getting the sh*t beat outta you because you can't weave 🤣🤣🤣

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  • i’d hate to be these peoples neighbor bruh

    Kishan PatelKishan PatelOy oldin
  • Bro, I NEEEEED to see this war play out.

    Chris HoutermanChris HoutermanOy oldin
  • Still waiting for part 4

    Jeremy Frate FrateJeremy Frate FrateOy oldin
  • That shit got dark when Des killed Mark's sister (At least I think that's his sister if I'm wrong y'all let me know) for a UZworld skip the acting and camera work is top quality

    JoshiiJoshiiOy oldin
  • whens the next part coming out its been a couple years already man

    TheFam CheekyTheFam CheekyOy oldin
  • Danm bro we need the next one soon that ending

    Matthew WatsonMatthew WatsonOy oldin
  • WOW!

    Tim drakeTim drakeOy oldin
  • The biggest cliffhanger in history of cliffhangers

    Emeka Nigerian AmericanEmeka Nigerian AmericanOy oldin
  • 11:00 was some real shit.

    Emeka Nigerian AmericanEmeka Nigerian AmericanOy oldin

    Double X StrikerDouble X StrikerOy oldin
  • This series was goated 🐐

    Cam Jay’sCam Jay’sOy oldin
  • Who’s here waiting for part 4 I bet it’s gonna be fireeee

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  • Ain't no scene ever made me feel away like Desmond shooting Mya

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