15-Sen, 2020
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While we were talking we found out there's lowkey a lot of anime people say they would be in but really wouldn't be 😂🤣😂 some people will probably be the first to say they'd be in Naruto but when stuff goes down it's a whole nother story!
What anime do you think you could survive in? 🤔
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  • This definitely has “part 5” potential at the minimum like so they can see this

    Capra CoyCapra Coy2 oy oldin
    • @Tashi Playz its racist towards black ppl, but their black so they can say it. Brown n white ppl cant

      EternalRioEternalRioSoat oldin
    • Isn’t the n word really bad? I’ve heard these guys say it a lot in their videos why isn’t anyone talking about that?

      Tashi PlayzTashi Playz15 soat oldin
    • That’s hit from dragon ball super

      GierGier2 kun oldin
    • Ikr it’s so simplistic but still fire

      danpats1danpats110 kun oldin
    • @AfroUzumaki44 15k*

      EternalRioEternalRio10 kun oldin
  • Imagine seeing 4 guys just running in the woods...

    Gabriel CorsinoGabriel Corsino4 soat oldin
  • dbz seems simple enough it doesnt effect regular people like at all because you just get brought back

    All things animeAll things anime4 soat oldin
  • im pikin narrutoo

    Jonathan TecchioJonathan Tecchio5 soat oldin
  • I have never been more disappointed thinking what a Bullseye power would be vs. what it actually was.

    DigitalVoltDigitalVolt5 soat oldin
  • Majou de oyasumi. Best one to live in.

    thealmightyduckworshiper chocolatemaniacsamuraithealmightyduckworshiper chocolatemaniacsamurai5 soat oldin
  • Is it just me or is that a meta runner jacket 1:44

    M’em! 477M’em! 4775 soat oldin
  • On God this nigga hilarious though he just had ig shit my dude put me on. This nigga crying bout that C rank mission shit 😭🤣🤣🤣

    Vandell WorkmanVandell Workman7 soat oldin
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙌🏾💀

    Vandell WorkmanVandell Workman7 soat oldin
  • I would definitely have to choose Violet Evergarden. I don't even have to be a doll i'll just go and have them write me letters. I don't even have to be part of the war. I'll just go and live my life in the country side.

    Lady HahaLady Haha7 soat oldin
  • one piece C:

    MohamedMohamed7 soat oldin
  • charge could be pretty good if he had a battery powered sword

    animesquadgpanimesquadgp8 soat oldin
  • My dude in naruto wearing a tari jacket from meta runner. Any smg4 fan would know who tari is. Pause at 1:44

    ohoh9 soat oldin
  • You can only appreciate this if you actually watched the anime. Hilarious

    R RR R11 soat oldin
  • What about goku

    Frazix Zenex GamingFrazix Zenex Gaming12 soat oldin
  • Nah man pokemon is the safest

    GIGA CHADGIGA CHAD12 soat oldin
  • That 0.5 second look in the future could be a whole year. Remember when they turned a villain into a friend, disarmed a bomb, and had a while monologue in 8 seconds?

    HitByBruh 0_0HitByBruh 0_013 soat oldin
  • Dragon ball z would be the best no doubt

    Joshua MoralesJoshua Morales13 soat oldin
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    Rifat InqiadRifat Inqiad14 soat oldin
  • I love full grown adults cosplaying and acting their fav show. It gives me hope for myself.

    Shelby PerezShelby Perez14 soat oldin
  • I would never want to be in Hunter x hunter especially in the chimera ant arc

    MeteonexpMeteonexp15 soat oldin
  • They should’ve picked Pokémon irl cause I can definitely see that to be irl fighting animals to animals

    Juan JulioJuan Julio16 soat oldin
  • The new Weebs r just seeing this.

    Katsuki SenpaiKatsuki Senpai16 soat oldin
  • Sensei's entrance is kinda hot 🔥

    asuna sanasuna san18 soat oldin
  • so uh...whens the aot ?

    Yugen dudeYugen dudeKun oldin
  • ya'll be real... who hasn't tried to run like that with their arms back lmaooooooooooo.

    KevKevKun oldin
  • Yooo...when his head spit up I was died

    Sheluvs CrossSheluvs CrossKun oldin
  • We need a black Sitama

    kaesin batistakaesin batistaKun oldin
  • This shit funny as fuck

    blackleggreg 1blackleggreg 1Kun oldin
  • Wooooo yeaaaa parysyte

    Gaint Midget0Gaint Midget0Kun oldin
  • I choose death note

    Gaint Midget0Gaint Midget0Kun oldin
  • Man... *Berserk.*

    KidMangaXKidMangaXKun oldin
  • Bleach would be live aaf

    LinyxLinyxKun oldin
  • Uh maybe they aren’t bandits...

    Jack LandonJack LandonKun oldin
  • Put me in a ecchi anime

    oldman swagga aka Scooba Steveoldman swagga aka Scooba SteveKun oldin
  • One Punch Man

    NoslinNoslinKun oldin
  • One piece

    GTreck3dGTreck3dKun oldin
  • Naruto is a skilled ninja why not pick naruto plus there's saskue another skilled ninja

    Audrey AkramAudrey AkramKun oldin
  • Lmao dam des about to sell out the hidden leaf quick and fast

    Darren McNeilDarren McNeilKun oldin
  • Shut *clap* the *clap* fuck *clap* up *clap* with that *clap* *clap* C rank Mission shit *clap* 😂😂😂

    D LogicD LogicKun oldin
  • “I See YOU Paying For It!” “I See That He’s Not Gonna Stop” 😂🤣😭

    KonSeptStudiosKonSeptStudiosKun oldin
  • Fairy Tail or One Piece

    Unnecessary InventionsUnnecessary InventionsKun oldin
  • O.3 secs into the future is all I need to get into UFC n fullfill my dreams

    KEVICHÜLIE Rüpre-oKEVICHÜLIE Rüpre-oKun oldin
  • Stop with that c ranked mission shit. It is, I thought it was! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Sean HettenbachSean HettenbachKun oldin
  • I would want to live in high-school dxd like duh

    TV RaiseTV RaiseKun oldin
  • Sooon idk how i just found deez dudes...lmao they got me rollin bout shit...cuz im an anime geek from round da way too

    King R.A.King R.A.Kun oldin
  • “I can charge any battery..” a car battery .. even a phone battery 😭😭😭

    Hunchoo SmokessHunchoo SmokessKun oldin
  • Why not JoJo

    Sappin GodSappin God2 kun oldin
  • “We’re not gonna be helping you in .5 seconds”😂

    Jake bunnyJake bunny2 kun oldin
  • Bruh mark as one punch man has me dead that facial expression tho

    Linus BaoLinus Bao2 kun oldin
  • Yall should definitely make a part 2

    Asa DawsonAsa Dawson2 kun oldin
  • Bro One Piece???

    Abdullah JawaidAbdullah Jawaid2 kun oldin
  • No one wanna be in fire force people randomly catching fire

    the game fixersthe game fixers2 kun oldin
  • SAO but imagine being in tokyo ghoul

    SamirSamir2 kun oldin
  • Dawg id go to highschool DXD as long as I got a sacred gear 😭

    Andre DrummondAndre Drummond2 kun oldin
  • Wish they would of did one piece

    MIERAAA’S BubbleMIERAAA’S Bubble2 kun oldin
  • “Rent - A - Girlfriend” I rest my case..

    Weird AlexisWeird Alexis2 kun oldin
  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is an easy choice. Scenario 1: You don’t get Hamon or a stand. You’re a normal ass person and you go on with your life. This can be a win depending on what your life is like. Scenario 2: You learn the secrets of Hamon or stands. You end up with dope sunlight powers or an invisible superpower (of course, depending on who you are, you could get Star Platinum or something cool or you get the fucking balloon dog stand from Part 8). You can find stand user friends who may or may not hook you up with the arrow, so you can sell stands for big money. Just as long as you aren’t a bad guy, you’re fine.

    DrumpfDrumpf2 kun oldin
  • No dragon ball?

    Bryan RunyanBryan Runyan2 kun oldin
  • Goblin slayer would be a horrible anime to be in especially if your a girl

    Amin AlhindiAmin Alhindi2 kun oldin
  • Hunter x hunter gang who with me

    AJTooNiceAJTooNice2 kun oldin
  • its either allmight or trash look

    ExcluSiviTVExcluSiviTV2 kun oldin
  • You forgot dragon ball z 😂

    Cecil WBCecil WB2 kun oldin
  • Could y'all do isekai anime next for this? Like Konosuba, Overlord, Shield Hero and all the pros and cons of going to a new world like being transported to a new world and being overpowered is great but if you die easily and just respawn then that would suck

    OGBigDawg95OGBigDawg952 kun oldin
  • Anime people wouldn’t want to be in: Dragon Ball GT

    Mr LakiroMr Lakiro2 kun oldin
    • Oh yea for real

      Vegeta Black potatoVegeta Black potato14 soat oldin
  • "Ay what about Attack On Titan?" this nigga-

    Neekun_Neekun_2 kun oldin
  • Mark: ain't nothing gonna happen 2 mins later Mark: Ima go out like a #####

    Tavion FilmsTavion Films2 kun oldin
  • Imma steal that charge power real quick

    DRFT TidusDRFT Tidus2 kun oldin
  • Rdc what is that hoodie in the naruto clip called I need that.

    Officialarmin12Officialarmin123 kun oldin
  • They must be the cloud village shinobi

    Engku EqmalEngku Eqmal3 kun oldin
  • The .5 second thing could be really op depending on how it works

    Gunship GamesGunship Games3 kun oldin
  • So y'all act out every single one accept for attack on titan which is one of the only animes I watch which is what I was exited for...☹️

    SR SKSR SK3 kun oldin
  • Dude black clover everyone gets powers and they get stronger the harder you work

    Master MindMaster Mind3 kun oldin
  • Id live in pokemon. Thatd be the shit. Or yugioh lol 😂

    Mahuta Hoerara-SmithMahuta Hoerara-Smith3 kun oldin
  • I wish I lived in naruto or one piece

    Privv. ZayyPrivv. Zayy3 kun oldin
  • I’d personally live in Kengan or God of Highschool

    Spaced OutSpaced Out3 kun oldin
  • People have to remember your not the main charcter

    Vicant_dead angel's nightVicant_dead angel's night3 kun oldin
  • I would pick pokemon

    Vicant_dead angel's nightVicant_dead angel's night3 kun oldin
  • LMFAO RDC the only niggas who could make anime make sense to me no cap

    ZayBreezyZayBreezy3 kun oldin
  • What about shoukugeki😂😂

    Syed MSHAHSyed MSHAH3 kun oldin
  • Why not just choose a harem or romance anime or sum

    Talven LovelyTalven Lovely3 kun oldin
  • Just go to some Harem anime and have fun

  • I would not wanna be in goh webtoon right now I would be gone

    Ken Haise SasakiKen Haise Sasaki3 kun oldin
  • Where is jojo

    Peter GriffinPeter Griffin3 kun oldin
  • bra 6:19-6:25 still gets me

    J TribeJ Tribe3 kun oldin
  • They said fuck the naruto run

    SmokedoutTurtleSmokedoutTurtle3 kun oldin
  • Black clover that would be the best

    L-O-L B-I-TL-O-L B-I-T3 kun oldin
  • Parasyte the maxim is pretty good pick but I think I would rather be in Tokyo ghoul cuz they similar anime but atleast if you a normal ass human in Tokyo ghoul you got a chance to be a ccg or maybe the ghoul might fall in love with you or some shit Btw when I said similar I meant edgy action anime and also main character thrown into some shit he never asked for

    go commit diego commit die4 kun oldin
    • I personally love tokyo ghoul but I think I would personally like to enter when the series ends cuz he makes it peaceful

      Mini catMini cat3 kun oldin
  • Ngl seeing .5 seconds into the future can actually be useful in a fight

    go commit diego commit die4 kun oldin
  • "i dont know pay attention" so funny

    cheesignoiacheesignoia4 kun oldin
  • Berserk.

    Moiz Safdar ChoudryMoiz Safdar Choudry4 kun oldin
  • Mannn, High School DxD easy money

    JeshyumJeshyum4 kun oldin
  • I would be in JoJo because you get little touched by arrow get a stand

    Ammar BasraAmmar Basra4 kun oldin
  • i grew up wit this channel i hope yall never stop uploading 😂🤍💯

    Clazzclown TYTYClazzclown TYTY4 kun oldin
  • There’s no better villain than Desmond

    Ethan RobertsEthan Roberts4 kun oldin
  • Where pokemon and fairy tail at?

    Umar RahimUmar Rahim4 kun oldin
  • I'd wanna live in the human world from The Promised Neverland

    Echo ProductionsEcho Productions4 kun oldin
  • Sinzou sasageyo

  • One piece no dought

    NaschemenNaschemen4 kun oldin
  • I would be in pokemon

    CodesCodes4 kun oldin