9-Apr, 2019
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The Second Installment to the popular series Anime House! Where Anime Characters all live together under one roof! Make Sure You leave a Like And A Comment After Watching This
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  • Top favorite situations that consistently get me to laugh when I rewatch this: 1. Pain vs Hisoka I LOVE how, when tried, BOTH of them STAY ready to BOX. 2. Vegeta calling ANYONE "CLOWN!" 3. All things Pain.

    the elaizonthe elaizon3 soat oldin
  • dude why is there no one piece character's

    QuinuQuinu12 soat oldin
  • “Ichigo, your strong, but you got your powers handed to you, I can’t respect that.” ........ That’s, true.... But come on, I’m sure Ichigo doesn’t do that anymore. Like sure he keeps taking powers from Rukia, and I won’t go any further since you guys haven’t seen Bleach, and I won’t spoil because of that. But come on, that was in the past, and Ichigo needs to be respected.

    xXxAnimeFanBleachZangetsuBankaixXxxXxAnimeFanBleachZangetsuBankaixXx12 soat oldin
  • Lmfaoooo the 6 paths of pain always gets me 😭😭😭

    オTobiオTobi14 soat oldin
  • I don’t fight people with wedding shoes on 😂😂

    Vinny MaldyVinny MaldyKun oldin
  • Saitama is not stronger than goku Yea one punch man is very strong but he is nowhere near as strong as goku Btw I just searched it up

    GerbilGerbilKun oldin
  • irl tho vegeta >>>>>> saitama

    Tamel JohnsonTamel Johnson2 kun oldin
  • I love how Leland plays Orochimaru spot on acting bro 👍👌🤣

    angel gonzalesangel gonzales3 kun oldin
  • Goku is destroying Saitama

    Jacob2xJacob2x3 kun oldin
  • “This ain’t Yugi no more... it’s Yami nigga ”

  • Anyway your videos are always funny and hope the fifth one comes out soon

    King David MillerKing David Miller3 kun oldin
  • Desmond always had best roles :)

    DARKSTAR MordekaiserDARKSTAR Mordekaiser3 kun oldin
  • I LOVE rdc but I DON'T APPRECIATE HOW THEY DISRESPECTED KENSHIN!!!! Like he not a monster they must didn't see SAMURAI X he didn't slay 1000 for no reason!!!!!!

    Mark GilbertMark Gilbert4 kun oldin
  • I promise you, he's so good response to pain made me go watch Hunter Hunter. I wasn't interested in that anime until I saw hisoka's response to pain

    the elaizonthe elaizon4 kun oldin

    Julian MifsudJulian Mifsud4 kun oldin
  • One punch man meet goku, goku meet the man thats about to kick your ass

    JazLegend 24 7JazLegend 24 75 kun oldin
  • The sad thing is vegata stomps saitama lmao

    Mikaya SietMikaya Siet5 kun oldin
  • I love yamis character so much 😂 always makes me Roll no matter how I feel

    Gurugamer LPGurugamer LP5 kun oldin
  • 15:04 "Gotta go to a hood"😂

    skeptic 96skeptic 968 kun oldin
  • u

    William The SaiyanWilliam The Saiyan8 kun oldin
  • 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    Bloody KenshinBloody Kenshin8 kun oldin
  • In reality vegeta beats saitama

    Wavy SonicWavy Sonic8 kun oldin
  • 2:05-2:08 still gets me every time😭😭

    LouWitDaFluLouWitDaFlu11 kun oldin
  • Imagine going to a park trying to relax and you see a group of grown men dressed up as anime characters fighting

    Great Vaule Doritos _Great Vaule Doritos _11 kun oldin
  • Was that Afro samurai

    Superdragen123Superdragen12311 kun oldin
  • Wait sense Saitama character is supposed to be the strongest would he just get stronger if he met Goku oh no

    Unchained InfernoUnchained Inferno12 kun oldin
  • Nah pain 100% lost because of plot Pain could have just stole naruto soul

    W.d DevW.d Dev13 kun oldin

  • I wish there was a anime girls house

    Parker NicoParker Nico14 kun oldin
  • u see all 5 pains are wearing a wig and desmond lol

    Ali IbrahimAli Ibrahim14 kun oldin
    • Is not wearing a wig

      Isaiah haleIsaiah hale9 kun oldin
  • The irony is Vegeta is close to being stronger than goku at this point.. the dissrespect to my guy the fresh Prince of all sayans is blasphemous✊🏼

    Tchello ValenteTchello Valente14 kun oldin
  • Yami aint with that friendly shit lmao

    Cholo CortezCholo Cortez14 kun oldin
  • 5:28 he beat up vegeta everyday xD

    Lee MLee M14 kun oldin
  • Ha swordsman, Levi was in there it would be a slaughter

    I like ranchI like ranch15 kun oldin
  • Pains theme gives me chills

    Heet collectorHeet collector16 kun oldin
  • Is that Walter White's house cuz people be throwing pieces of that all the time free pizza

    Robert LustRobert Lust16 kun oldin
  • Camera man is Saiki K. That's why we can hear Light's thoughts

    Fire Fox74Fire Fox7416 kun oldin
  • CHAT DISSAPERANCE JUTSU! *dramatic ass gasp* h- how did you break my jutusu, IMPOSSSIBLE

    TinouTinou17 kun oldin
  • No cap tho they ain’t holding nagato

    Goat OkGoat Ok17 kun oldin
  • Where ken kaneki At tho??!!!!?

    Rex ChippyRex Chippy17 kun oldin
  • Can you guys use Devil May Cry? That show was also anime.

    Ore DixonOre Dixon18 kun oldin

    Wimbledon NodelbmiwWimbledon Nodelbmiw18 kun oldin
  • IMMA ELITE GODLY JOCK OF 2020 🏈💯💯💪🏽🏀‼️‼️🏈🏈

    Master AssassinMaster Assassin19 kun oldin
  • Man we’re do u get the outfits from .... I’d honestly wear that at school because it’s that live 😂

    always_vicealways_vice20 kun oldin
  • “Don’t play, there’s six of us” killed me

    mr footballmr football21 kun oldin
  • Where’s zoro :(

    Slatt_beny Not toxicSlatt_beny Not toxic21 kun oldin
  • Yall doin vegeta as dirty as toryama does lmaoo

    Yo DadYo Dad21 kun oldin
  • Ichigo has mastered a simple craft. None of them can stop the getsuga tensho, therefore yeah I’d say Ichigo would easily everyone at that table. Especially Inuyasha.

    Darrius DavisDarrius Davis21 kun oldin
  • I was surprised to see Inuyasha

    TheCaged_TheCaged_21 kun oldin
  • This is beyond scared straight

    Rexy_YTRexy_YT21 kun oldin
  • I’m not gonna lie, if you guys could’ve had the villains house be in the projects or in the hood that would’ve been hilarious lmao 😂

  • They got the perfect person for each character holy shit

    Battron1234Battron123422 kun oldin
  • Light deserve Oscar 😂 Change my mind 😂

    Pirate king LuffyPirate king Luffy22 kun oldin
  • 10:14 I am dead at this scene. Why yall not on Netflix seriously?

    Whaled-BuffaloWhaled-Buffalo23 kun oldin
  • at 7:48 did you guys see the water in the background

    christopher holguinchristopher holguin24 kun oldin
  • Hisoka be on his schwing shit, but he ain't backing down from pain's ass.

    Killua ZoldyckKillua Zoldyck24 kun oldin
  • Lmaooo dont disrespect orochimaru that nigga real

    Boppo JrBoppo Jr24 kun oldin
  • saitamas personality all wrong

    salamander roronoasalamander roronoa24 kun oldin
  • This ain’t yugi this yami

    Eric RodriguezEric Rodriguez24 kun oldin
  • I like how salty vegeta is all the time lmao.

    grayfaux blackwinggrayfaux blackwing24 kun oldin
  • 6:07 at this moment I thought Goku was about to be folded

    SamuraiX G4M3ZSamuraiX G4M3Z25 kun oldin
  • But seriously, why did Light never just steal people's mail to get their name?

    CantoVIICantoVII26 kun oldin
  • Leland’s laugh when he play He orochimaru was on point

    SsDarkfoxSsDarkfox27 kun oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Jonathan GomezJonathan Gomez27 kun oldin
  • This shit tooo fuckn funny perro

    Noob N SmokeNoob N Smoke27 kun oldin
  • This is just like the real vegeta.

    skeptic 96skeptic 9627 kun oldin
  • I’m still waiting on this next episode of the last hood bender lol I know the covid and stuff going on but dang man

    christian lovechristian love28 kun oldin
  • Funny ast

    Onclouds !Onclouds !28 kun oldin
  • was that castle crashers during the ad?

    Spidey ManSpidey Man29 kun oldin
  • This should be called Shounen house not anime house

    SchmliffSchmliff29 kun oldin
  • Pain is fucking gold

    Orest MarkhevaOrest Markheva29 kun oldin
  • The colossal titan xD 😂😂😂

    TheCenturionTheCenturion29 kun oldin

    Jr ManuelJr Manuel29 kun oldin
  • Team ten and hype house but actually good

    Ms. Bow Tie SmilesMs. Bow Tie SmilesOy oldin
  • LMAOOOOOO! Pain tho!

    Monster EnsembleMonster EnsembleOy oldin

  • that kinda is how yami be like 2020 still laughing

    Press Alt F4 WeebPress Alt F4 WeebOy oldin
  • I love how this was made a day before my bday

    Jacinth LillyJacinth LillyOy oldin
  • Ppl be saying when Zoro and Mihawk pull and as much as I love them all I can think is , what about when my guy Guts pulls up

    Jacinth LillyJacinth LillyOy oldin
  • Goku always trying to fight someone and he know he gonna beat him.... he’s pissed lol

    TheSPEEZY99TheSPEEZY99Oy oldin
  • Orochimaru solid😂😂😂😂

    AceMontana215AceMontana215Oy oldin
  • bro the pain parts are funny asf 😂😂😂

    Nick selonNick selonOy oldin
  • castle crashers music for the ad rlly thats legendary

    kayden onealkayden onealOy oldin
  • bruh 3:03 is sooooo funny bro

    JeSSiE jUsT JeSsiEJeSSiE jUsT JeSsiEOy oldin
  • Hisoka accurate fr

    DoJMusicDoJMusicOy oldin
  • Are they doing only sayain saga vegeta

    ShriyansShriyansOy oldin
  • Orochimaro acting is something else,, damn man lol

    Mustafa AbakarMustafa AbakarOy oldin
  • They acted akatsuki so well😂😂

    Enoch nwogoEnoch nwogoOy oldin
  • "4000 defense, 4000 attack watchu wanna do?!" 😂😂😂💀💀

    drDR3drDR3Oy oldin
  • He shoulda said "He might be the prince of all saiyans, but I'm the king of games and hes playin with the wrong one."

    RaikyodeusRaikyodeusOy oldin
  • Lol I’m watching this while playing jump force and just fought someone playing killura spamming lightningbolt XD

    Jack BloxxerJack BloxxerOy oldin
  • Yami had me rofl.

    Federation GamingFederation GamingOy oldin
  • Bro look at the akatsuki hair styles

    Marcus play's and reactsMarcus play's and reactsOy oldin
  • Rip to the god nipsey HUSSLE

    Jr ManuelJr ManuelOy oldin
  • Doesn't saitama just want to have a good fight wouldn't he want to fight goku

    HunterxClover Mini MoviesHunterxClover Mini MoviesOy oldin
  • If they said zoro the only one that can beat zoro is maybe ichogo and maybe saskue

    Beasttheking I’m a god!!!!:pBeasttheking I’m a god!!!!:pOy oldin
  • Samurai Champloo criminally underrated

    O LO LOy oldin

    DraftyDraftyOy oldin
  • Who is asta arguing with?

    Zeus CampaignZeus CampaignOy oldin
    • ed from full metal alchemist

      JarrelGTVJarrelGTV7 kun oldin
  • I am dying lol

    electric gayelectric gayOy oldin