25-Fev, 2019
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In today's episode of Anime Court we tackle two of the biggest anime of this generation: Attack on Titan & My Hero Academia! Using topics like plot, music, fighting, etc. we determine who'll come out on top!

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    RDCworld1RDCworld1Yil oldin
    • Attack on titan was way better than my hero

      animater intraninganimater intraning8 kun oldin
    • @Mac James i know I wanted a free 5 bucks

      Killua ZoldyckKillua ZoldyckOy oldin
    • One piece next please

      Ajay MaxxAjay MaxxOy oldin
    • Idc what nobody say I got my hero any day

      Free LubeFree LubeOy oldin
    • These two are my favorite anime’s so I’m not even upset 💖😊

      Jeon Kookie_127Jeon Kookie_127Oy oldin
  • AOT hands!

    Kyle ThomasKyle Thomas11 soat oldin
  • Make a video of when you guys discuss your favorite anime

    JJ2fly ,JJ2fly ,12 soat oldin
  • I’m gonna watch attack on titan but let’s be real my hero is fire don’t cap

    JJ2fly ,JJ2fly ,12 soat oldin
  • bruh, even AoT Junior High is better than MHA

    Bintang LBintang L13 soat oldin
  • Armin declares fake news! Better music Better characters Better monsters Better deaths Better story Better plot Better secrets Better heroes

    Zac Radclif Gabriel Cruz -29Zac Radclif Gabriel Cruz -2917 soat oldin
  • Aot>>>>>>>>>>

    ツThe GoatツThe Goat22 soat oldin
  • As the Attack on Titian is almost done in the manga i can safely say that this show is top teir like My hero is good right now in the manga it actually really epic but attack on titian story line for the final season which is less than 6 days away is actually crazy it's on a whole nother level. You anime watchers *ARE NOT READY FOR THIS*

    Robjohn AducalRobjohn AducalKun oldin
  • When giving the argument on music for AOT, he should have said. "Yes judge, on music, I have 1 word to say... SASAGEYO! Your honor, I rest my case"

    JoeJoeKun oldin
  • Damn it I’m just started season 2 of air why did I watch this I knew there would be spoilers and now I know who the colossal is

    James BlairJames BlairKun oldin
  • But like mha has a midget simp with purple balls so there’s no contest

    KabanKabanKun oldin
  • I feel so sad attack on titan should've won

    FIghting AnimationsFIghting AnimationsKun oldin
  • watched both anime and i love both but i like mha more

    The Sushi PlatformerThe Sushi PlatformerKun oldin
  • Y'all keep forgetting that mha isn't even finished

    TheUnknownShadowTheUnknownShadowKun oldin
  • No joke, Attack on Titan has no character development. Niggas just wanna kill titans the entire time. That's it. That's everyone's personality. But nah these shows don't compare to one another fr.

    Marcie K.Marcie K.Kun oldin
    • @Marcie K. i mean the new season coming out tuesday so AOT pretty trendy rn lmao

      hypheinhypheinKun oldin
    • I was not expecting this much engagement for a year old video

      Marcie K.Marcie K.Kun oldin
    • apparently Armin doesn't exist in the anime I guess

      Yeet MasterYeet MasterKun oldin
    • @Marcie K. ion blame you though, the new season 4 coming soon has the most character development and everything changes it crazy.

      hypheinhypheinKun oldin
    • @hyphein first one

      Marcie K.Marcie K.Kun oldin

    Natsu DragneelNatsu DragneelKun oldin
  • MHA could never beat AoT. MHA is just the same things over and over again--look at season 5, its just Class A versus Class B. There's barely any character development and the only students that get development is Class 1-A. AoT is really 100 times better than MHA and you cannot tell me otherwise.

    The Big SadThe Big SadKun oldin
  • Midorya cry baby bitch ass lol I loved that

    Chris GrayChris Gray2 kun oldin
  • At least the man gets why MHA rips off OPM

    tigerguy98tigerguy982 kun oldin
  • For people who are saying aot is better than my hero academia; hehehehe just wait until for these 3 words My Villain Academia

    SSB GogetaSSB Gogeta2 kun oldin
    • I swear dude mha will get too gud

      Epiczs TeamEpiczs Team2 kun oldin

    Ax.Guy-RBXAx.Guy-RBX2 kun oldin
    • @Epiczs Team I hate you then

      Ax.Guy-RBXAx.Guy-RBXKun oldin
    • @Ax.Guy-RBX I am in s2

      Epiczs TeamEpiczs TeamKun oldin
    • @Epiczs Team have you ever watched aot

      Ax.Guy-RBXAx.Guy-RBXKun oldin
    • Nope mha is out of aot league :)

      Epiczs TeamEpiczs Team2 kun oldin
  • Attack on Titan is the best anime

    Jesse GutierrezJesse Gutierrez2 kun oldin
    • @Epiczs Team Yes it is lol

      Jesse GutierrezJesse Gutierrez2 kun oldin
    • Not the best

      Epiczs TeamEpiczs Team2 kun oldin
  • They compared my mid academia to attack on titan smh

    3 Triggas3 Triggas2 kun oldin
  • they should remake this once both shows have finished just so AoT can fuck shit up

    気compamatt気compamatt2 kun oldin
  • Impossible

    TimeZone 4TimeZone 42 kun oldin
  • 13:08 "they snapping with operas in the background" Giorno: Hold my beer

    AvtaiAvtai3 kun oldin
  • My hero is a rip off of Naruto it’s sad that’s why you should just watch Naruto and not the Kroger brand version

    Gotaro327Gotaro3273 kun oldin
  • Pause...

    ForeverEquinoxForeverEquinox3 kun oldin
  • STOP HATING MHA OVER AOT cause i cant like them all

    Some Guy With No MustacheSome Guy With No Mustache4 kun oldin
  • Izuku character development sounds like goku and kachans sounds kinda like Vegeta

    L L SenjuL L Senju4 kun oldin
    • @L L Senju ok

      Epiczs TeamEpiczs Team2 kun oldin
    • @Epiczs Team I hat goku cause he a dead beat but he never had parents so I got to cut him some slack

      L L SenjuL L Senju2 kun oldin
    • @Epiczs Team so dekus better cause he got a mom

      L L SenjuL L Senju2 kun oldin
    • @Epiczs Team I liked dbz kai and dbz super ruined it allllllllll

      L L SenjuL L Senju2 kun oldin
    • @L L Senju goku is stupid in most of the cases, deku is intelligent Goku was never had a mom, while deku has one Both of them have complete different powers Every charector starts the weakest

      Epiczs TeamEpiczs Team2 kun oldin
  • Bruh this comparison is just insulting💀💀

    rebekahrebekah4 kun oldin
    • I swear dude mha is a whole another league

      Epiczs TeamEpiczs Team2 kun oldin
  • if they were fighting, mha wins

    Looks like SomeoneLooks like Someone4 kun oldin
  • Do we really need to discuss this?

    Pieck is best girlPieck is best girl4 kun oldin
  • Ate we watching an anime or are we watching batman. I laughed so hard when he said that

    DeltaX GamingDeltaX Gaming4 kun oldin
  • how can you even compare an anime with titans and an anime with people with super powers its just not the same

    Nasser HassanNasser Hassan4 kun oldin
  • Aot and jojo are the best animes ever to exist. The ones who will argue with me are the one who think that aot is overrated.

    Ultra Anime XUltra Anime X5 kun oldin
    • @Epiczs Team True.

      MobloxlyMobloxly14 soat oldin
    • @Mobloxly mha would A tier,death note s teir

      Epiczs TeamEpiczs TeamKun oldin
    • @Epiczs Team mha is good but wouldn't put as best anime

      MobloxlyMobloxlyKun oldin
    • @Mobloxly and add in death note and mha

      Epiczs TeamEpiczs Team2 kun oldin
    • Add in hxh and fmab

      MobloxlyMobloxly4 kun oldin
  • just saying theres a reason they didnt have an animation category

    Aaron O’DriscollAaron O’Driscoll5 kun oldin
  • facts on story line attack on titan

    S MXS MX5 kun oldin
  • Everything else about AOT is so good that it makes you forget about how trash the character development is

    Jackson FitzhenryJackson Fitzhenry5 kun oldin
    • Character development in aot is good wdym?

      Yeet MasterYeet Master3 kun oldin
  • Aot is way better in my opinion

    Stezzy KaneStezzy Kane5 kun oldin
  • Black clover

    Carlos VegaCarlos Vega5 kun oldin
  • U should've compared aot to god eater. Boku no hero is a different type of anime

    Azaan MerchantAzaan Merchant5 kun oldin
  • This is a joke right 🙂🙂🙂,cuz aot is on a whole different level compared to the shitty shonen which is mha

    Druhin GhoshDruhin Ghosh5 kun oldin
  • Lezgo my hero won, :)

    Epiczs TeamEpiczs Team5 kun oldin
  • iam not going to lie eren from season 1-3 wasn't really having the best character development

    Srancheevan BanugopanSrancheevan Banugopan6 kun oldin
    • @Srancheevan Banugopan yeah that's what i said ._.

      Yeet MasterYeet Master3 kun oldin
    • @Yeet Master he started getting it by the end of season 3

      Srancheevan BanugopanSrancheevan Banugopan3 kun oldin
    • It's because at the end of s3 is where he starts getting a characters development

      Yeet MasterYeet Master3 kun oldin
  • I knew reiner was the colossal titan and annie as the girl titan just by looking at them, i wasn't really suprised and since bertholdth was close freinds with reiner, it must've been him

    Srancheevan BanugopanSrancheevan Banugopan6 kun oldin
  • For those who say Black Clover is trash, you can't say it now can you even if you do, i know you lying becaseu you havn't watched show or quit

    Srancheevan BanugopanSrancheevan Banugopan6 kun oldin
    • But no one is saying black clover is trash in this vid tho

      Yeet MasterYeet Master5 kun oldin
  • Delete this video right now, pretend it never existed either.

    Julian CelajJulian Celaj6 kun oldin
  • As a person who likes both I have to be honest aot has way much better storyline, protagonist, and plot twist truely and god tier anime for the centuries

    Jamal TamalJamal Tamal6 kun oldin
  • Aot is heads and shoulders above mha its outrages comparing them

    Rogue ZakkuRogue Zakku6 kun oldin
  • "todoroki half hot, half cold... sh*t cold as a b*tch" LMAO

    SpikeluxSpikelux6 kun oldin
  • I watched MHA and read up to date on the manga before I did the same to AoT and I have to say I'm a person that really loves character development but clearly, they have not read the manga at THAT time but AoT or should I say SNK is superior in all fields. The fighting style, suspense, character development (for those who know what's coming in season 4) plot, original story, and the soundtrack. Ah yes, the soundtrack, it's just beautiful, a work of art, original but also a classic that everyone knows, the opera and the children singing just GOLD. If you need more facts just reply and I will spit some. I'm waiting for some 12 y/o to tell me I'm wrong, the fact that SNK is even BEING COMPARED to MHA is disrespectful on so many levels. Horikoshi your is great and all but Isayama is superior

    InsomniacTvInsomniacTv6 kun oldin
  • MHA being better that AoT is as true as the earth being flat

    Ziro animationsZiro animations6 kun oldin
  • they need to make a part 2 to this when season 4 come out

    Tre2turntTre2turnt6 kun oldin
  • I've never disliked a video so fast.. but when he said mha won..

    CosmixzCosmixz6 kun oldin
    • I had it liked, i liked it again

      CosmixzCosmixz6 kun oldin
  • I think the judge should be arrested for taking drugs and so should the people defending mha. Attack on titans is on a whole other level erens development is so under-rated.

    Azaan MerchantAzaan Merchant6 kun oldin
  • It’s obviously AOT

    KirshinaKirshina6 kun oldin
  • Look I love both anime but come on man we all know AOT is superior and season 4 finna shit on niggas that think otherwise

    Shadow NinjaShadow Ninja6 kun oldin
  • tbh i think both shows good since i've watched both of them but for me i like aot more

    _Sayonara Sekaii-_Sayonara Sekaii-6 kun oldin
  • I just came here for the comments

    JoeySTRIKEJoeySTRIKE6 kun oldin
  • Bro i wonder if they look back on this video and think bro i made a mistake

    Alex KnowsAlex Knows7 kun oldin
  • Spoilers: erens character development is fucking unmatched bruh armin was a little bitch boy and now hes a fucking goat erwin is a goat levi gets nerfed mikasa leaves her scarf behind and eren keeps moving foward

    Alex KnowsAlex Knows7 kun oldin
    • @Yeet Master yessir

      Alex KnowsAlex Knows6 kun oldin
    • Levi and Mikasa got nerfed in season 4 they were too op

      Yeet MasterYeet Master6 kun oldin
  • Me trying to find a nigga in the comment section saying my hero is better bro i cant find a single one which is a good thing

    Alex KnowsAlex Knows7 kun oldin
  • “That had me ✨enthralled✨”

    Barnacle ScumBarnacle Scum7 kun oldin
  • This gotta be a joke aot gotta take it lol

    Jaxon BellamyJaxon Bellamy7 kun oldin
  • There shouldn’t even be a video on this. Anyone who thinks My Hero Academia is better than Attack On Titan just has a problem.

    Jotaro KujoJotaro Kujo7 kun oldin
  • My hero music slaps AOT music icl😂😂😂😂😂

    ItsWildTvItsWildTv7 kun oldin
    • Lmao AOT’s music is a whole beast compared to my hero of cringey

      Smh [?]Smh [?]3 kun oldin
    • Nah

      Yeet MasterYeet Master6 kun oldin
  • Y’all just tryna make us mad with this

    Giovanni EgidioGiovanni Egidio7 kun oldin
  • Aot is hot garbage it has the same concept titans break a wall and eat people and everyonce in a while a different titan shows up and they deal with it

    Weennymyers `Weennymyers `7 kun oldin
    • @Weennymyers ` then how are they mediocre?

      Yeet MasterYeet Master2 kun oldin
    • @Yeet Master oh no i did see them i check al the fights

      Weennymyers `Weennymyers `2 kun oldin
    • And that concept only applied for "only 2 times" in the whole show .

      Pranj03 CnPranj03 Cn5 kun oldin
    • @Weennymyers ` so Levi vs Beast Titan, Levi vs Kenny, Levi Squad vs Kenny Squad, Eren vs Reiner doesn't exist to you?

      Yeet MasterYeet Master6 kun oldin
    • I have and they suck the fights are mediocre

      Weennymyers `Weennymyers `6 kun oldin
  • They forgot to put episode release I’m just saying My hero comes out with episodes like every week but attack on titan comes out like every year XD not hating

    WeeGeeWeeGee8 kun oldin
    • They're both seasonal anime?

      Yeet MasterYeet Master7 kun oldin
  • I love both shows but aot is takin it

    The Yellow FlashThe Yellow Flash8 kun oldin
  • My hero kinda made mad deku crying every episode

    animater intraninganimater intraning8 kun oldin
  • No hate but mikasa is basically the only person with good character development in the show

    Newb S7Newb S78 kun oldin
    • Eren exist, junky boi

      Smh [?]Smh [?]3 kun oldin
    • Armin exists

      Pranj03 CnPranj03 Cn5 kun oldin
    • Does Eren, Armin, Jean, Reiner not exist to you?

      Yeet MasterYeet Master7 kun oldin
    • hahahahahha you are joking right? jean also have an awesome character development and many others and you forget the GOAT Eren Yeager he has one of the greatest character development of all time

      Eshan HannanEshan Hannan8 kun oldin
  • Nice vid made me laugh last year

    Daisuke Enkidu GilDaisuke Enkidu Gil8 kun oldin
  • There shouldn't even have been a debate, cause we all know the real winner.

    Lalisay ManobanLalisay Manoban9 kun oldin
  • Mha: “You can be anything you want as long as you work hard! (And also get lucky when the single most op hero gives you one of the most op powers in the verse)”

    Joestar LineageJoestar Lineage9 kun oldin
    • I mean that can apply to a lot of shonens especially Naruto

      MobloxlyMobloxly4 kun oldin

    Ava ThomasAva Thomas9 kun oldin
  • Can I also add what had me on the edge off my seat is when I found out Eren was a titan boxing other titans in the words of Dylan that had me “enthralled”

  • Ok can I just say when I saw aot and I saw the female titan I was like ok yup it’s Annie

  • MHA is Spongebob compared to AOT

    TMNTGUY55TMNTGUY559 kun oldin
  • aot is better

    Sonjoesh AlemaidaSonjoesh Alemaida9 kun oldin
  • Everything they said on the aot side is absolutely fucking correct

    Joshua ReyesJoshua Reyes10 kun oldin
    • All the things they said on the Aot side were so stupid and they didn't even mention many things comparing a masterpiece like Attack on titan to My hero academia which is just a slightly better shounen anime is already so funny.

      Eshan HannanEshan Hannan8 kun oldin
  • MHA exposed, bullshit attack on titan is the best better than MHA

    EmdadEmdad10 kun oldin
  • Wait did no one else besides me realize that Reiner, Annie and bertholdt were all titans before they revealed it?

    ABC _ABC _10 kun oldin
  • My hero is trash attack on titain is way better

    Carl ShuckCarl Shuck10 kun oldin
  • Bro he is 12days year old judge. How can you expect him to decide the right one?? AOT is way better than MHA in all the genres.

    Chayan KapoorChayan Kapoor10 kun oldin
  • I n my opinion my hero wins bc I feel like my hero wins in storyline character development and fighting but aot wins in music don't attack me plz

    Driplife Jr.Driplife Jr.10 kun oldin
    • You are completely wrong lets avoid things like music and talk about story,in terms of story aot is 1000 times better than mha and in terms of character development Eren Yeager alone had more character development then all of the characters in my hero academia

      Eshan HannanEshan Hannan8 kun oldin
    • In my opinion Music:both are good Fights:both are good too Storyline:aot because it's very unique Character dev:aot if you read the manga you will know why But I respect your opinion

      Yeet MasterYeet Master10 kun oldin
  • You guys should do bleach vs one piece

    MIC Music is CoolMIC Music is Cool11 kun oldin
  • Mha has way more character developed but that doesn’t make it good

    UrksUrks11 kun oldin
    • You are wrong Aot have more character development.Eren alone had more character development then all of the characters in my hero academia

      Eshan HannanEshan Hannan8 kun oldin
  • Aot being better isnt a good opinion its just a damn fact

    UrksUrks11 kun oldin
  • Does anyone remember what happened in MHA

    nono12 kun oldin
  • I love MHA but Attack on Titan is much better!

    Inside WorldInside World12 kun oldin
  • "That had me enthralled." 😂😂😂😂😂

    MJ AllenMJ Allen12 kun oldin
  • Y'know kinda annoying seeing so many salty aot fans about rdc's opinion that mha is better like c'mon just respect their opinion

    Super mario blooper4Super mario blooper412 kun oldin
    • I respect their opinions but that doesn’t stop me from debunking their statements. lol

      Smh [?]Smh [?]3 kun oldin
    • @F1XENTI • 12 years ago i know there are opinions but people are just salty and cant respect rdc's opinion. Thats what I'm sayin

      Super mario blooper4Super mario blooper411 kun oldin
    • @Super mario blooper4 everything here is a opinion obviously but AOT is the majority rules in this case because that's it just is

      F1XENTI • 12 years agoF1XENTI • 12 years ago11 kun oldin
    • @Normie 2006 yeah cause you think that

      Super mario blooper4Super mario blooper412 kun oldin
    • If i say that BokuNoPico is better than Deathnote will that count as an opinion? No

      Normie 2006Normie 200612 kun oldin
  • Keep in mind this was made a minute ago so bnha was likely better then for all of you saying it’s in another dimension now cause the first two season of aot weren’t anything special they were good but nothing special

    Nicari DennieNicari Dennie12 kun oldin
    • @Nicari Dennie well opinions exist but attack on titan season 3 alone, is better than all season of bnha. And it not really an opinion. You judge and compare the animes and see who does it better.

      Smh [?]Smh [?]3 kun oldin
    • @Eshan Hannan but that’s opinion cause I’ve watched both and I like bnha better

      Nicari DennieNicari Dennie8 kun oldin
    • But season 3 part 2 alone was better then all of the seasons of my hero academia

      Eshan HannanEshan Hannan8 kun oldin
    • Same with mha season 1-2 ain't special either

      Yeet MasterYeet Master12 kun oldin
  • It don’t matter cause naruto is the best anime of all time and no one can change my mind no matter how many good anime I watch

    Nicari DennieNicari Dennie12 kun oldin
    • I mean yea I know it’s opinion but most of these people in the comments don’t so I was just like if y’all gonna say this is fact then imma say this is fact if that makes sense

      Nicari DennieNicari Dennie11 kun oldin
    • It's your opinion but others think a lot differently

      F1XENTI • 12 years agoF1XENTI • 12 years ago11 kun oldin
    • I think Naruto is like a 6/10 type of anime but I respect your opinion

      Yeet MasterYeet Master12 kun oldin

    hill emmahill emma12 kun oldin
  • Its attack on titan dont even know why hero acidamia is here

    hill emmahill emma12 kun oldin
  • I think I'm the only one who like MHA as much as AOT

    dark knightdark knight13 kun oldin
    • yes

      Unclear JusticeUnclear Justice4 kun oldin
  • They must not of read the manga. AOT is gonna be a GOAT. Hands down!

    Pepper JamesPepper James13 kun oldin